Upgrade advice 52 or 552 or Radikal 1 Urika upgrade to Lp12

I think my end game LP12 upgrades will be

  • Karousel
  • Kore
  • Lingo 4/5
  • Kandid assuming it works well with the Linto.

I saw something last week about a new technique called histotripsy using a kind of ultrasound specially utilised/intended for cases like yours.

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Dan, I had been off the forum for a little while, and hadn’t realised your new “news”. Hope they can treat you.



It looks like they will be doing a liver resection very soon. Consultants seem to think there is no reason why they can’t do the op.

The NHS only offers certain treatments.

If the cancer comes back following op then looking at 2 years.


Bloody hell. Dan; I don’t know you but hope things pan out for the best. I admire your stoicism and attitude- I don’t know if I would be the same. Best, Al


Thanks Al,

I am trying to remain positive. This is my last chance of cure. If it comes back then it will be chemotherapy to sustain my life as long as possible.

It is strange as I have no symptoms at the moment. Obviously part of me is devastated but I am continuing as normal. It’s a case of making the best of a bad situation!


Trying to remain positive is really all you can do, incredibly hard as it must be, and your attitude to it all is truly inspirational. A friend of mine has developed a cancer that cannot be cured and she is having chemo to give her as much time as possible. She just wants to enjoy the time she has, and is still smiling and doing all she can. She’s a bit fed up to have given up the wine group though.

Hopefully your resection will be successful and the cancer will not return. I was looking up resections just now and it is incredible that someone can have up to 2/3 of the liver removed, and it then grows back to its original size in about three months. Do continue to let us know how things are going, if you feel it helps.


I’m so sorry to learn this Dan. I pray you recover well.


Yep, all the best Dan, here’s hoping it’ll all work out well for you, I’m sure it will :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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So, some changes ahead. What the heck! My health situation makes me think enjoy life and get the best out of everything and not hold off!

I am upgrading my LP12. Ekos 2 being swapped in, Akito used as part exchange. Dynavector 10x5 out, Dynavector XX2 II in.

I am leaving the power supply Lingo 1 as is.

As for phonostage I am swapping out my Graham Slee Reflex M for an MC phonostage. Am working on multiple different deals.

The CDS2 and XPS2 will probably go and my second set of speakers Focal Aria 936 in conservatory may go as well to fund the changes.

I am looking at 2 sources now instead of 3. I rarely play the CD player now as streaming is so good. The LP12 needs to be enjoyed. And I have stopped enjoying it as much as I should. The tonearm and cart and phonostage will be a huge investment and upgrade in enjoying my music.

There has to be a trade off and so time to say goodbye to some of the other equipment.

The CDS2 is very special but with the lack of support for such an old legacy player maybe it’s best for it to go now before it becomes worthless.


So my bid has been successful. Have got a Tom Evans The Groove + SRX phonostage used at a bargain price of £1350. About a third of the price new. So should be fantastic.


Very understandable and I’m sure it will be lots of fun. Feck it.


I’ve got to make some decisions on my LP12 too.

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What’s the urgency Mike? What are you thinking of doing? Does it have Cirkus?

No urgency as such, just once the thoughts creep in, it seems a case of getting it done and enjoying it for longer.

I believe it has the Cirkus, it’s not the original and it’s not the Karousel (you can tell from the top bolt head). Dealer recommends Lingo 4, Karousel, Kore and Trampolin, in one or two steps. I’m more inclined to wait until I can afford it and then do it in one hit - get to around a Seleckt level and be done with it.


Like I said before on different thread, different trails of thought.

The old school was valhalla and old chassis but with ekos and good cart. Nowadays it’s all about lowering sound floor.

For me Karousel wasn’t big improvement vs Cirkus which I did 4 years ago. The Cirkus is a very good bearing. You could leave this as is.

Lingo 4 is meant to be excellent. So with you on that one.

Kore is an upgrade, which again I have. It’s good and worth doing.

I would look at cart first. What phonostage are you using.

Just be aware LP12 upgrades cost a fortune.

I am spending about £4500 on new phonostage, cartridge and tonearm upgrades and new T Kable.

I am exchanging Akito and will sell MM phonostage. And will be selling other stuff as I said to fund it.

I think you’ll find if you just do those upgrades it still won’t come close to ND555.

I know you what you are trying to achieve as my spec is similar to what you are going for.

I would look at changing cart and getting tonearm bearings checked out and a good set up. These things are more important than the Karousel and possibly Kore and Lingo 4.

That’s why so many of us said get it serviced and tonearm and cart inspected. A new cart and serviced tonearm (if necessary) will be the base from which you work.


The Heed Quasar, powered off the big Heed Obselik PS. The Quasar is new and I’ve no plans to change that.

I think that is why @Bevo said not to start another thread. It does get confusing. A more simple option would be just a Lingo4, then the main TT remains untouched and the dealer can check things over when he installs it.

Anyway, I don’t want to hijack your thread, that might be too expensive as well!

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Excellent DV cartridge you are upgrading to Dan


Funnily enough my LP12 started with a Lingo 1 about 5 years ago. The dealer serviced it and said the tonearm bearings are shot. And so I spent some money getting the tonearm repaired and upgraded 5 years ago. I was then happy with the deck for about 2 years. Then I got the Kore and Cirkus done.

And recently got Karousel done (not that impressed tbh). Note @NickofWimbledon hasn’t got Karousel on his lovely LP12.

I am hoping a much improved phonostage, cart and tonearm will take me into LP12 orbit!

I am sure it will.


I don’t think they can fit Karousel to old sub chassis.

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