Upgrade Atc40s to actives

The bass on Atcs40s was to flabby and the separation was not there.

So upgraded my Atc40 passives to actives,got rid of my 250dr.oh my word the bass is so much controlled much better separation.I think I will
Never go back to passives now.

Im looking to upgrade to a 252,how different does it sound to the 282.Thanks everyone.

Rest of system is


You may want to throw a NSC222 / NPX300 into the mix to compare to the NDX2 / 252 combo.

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Just upgraded to 252 from 282 last week. I ran the 282 with SupercapDR for six months and recently was finding the sound a bit fatiguing. My speakers have a bump in the upper mids and I feel the 282/Supercap combo was reinforcing this. Not so with the 252. In my system the 252 has really opened up the soundstage with more detail and a much more natural flow. More controlled and refined bass as well. Very balanced. At first, I missed the excitement of the 282 but I don’t find the 252 lacking in drive and certainly don’t find the 252 dull or boring. Overall, I think it is a substantial upgrade and do not miss the 282.


When I got my 40As I auditioned them against passive 40s driven by 250DR and much preferred the active versions. I think it needs a 300DR to really compete and even then, active operation brings something rather special to the party.

As for 252 vs 282 on ATCs, I’ve not done the comparison, but the 40As are very revealing, so you’d certainly hear a difference. Which you’d prefer is very much a matter of taste, so if possible, audition. And I think a source upgrade would then be in order! In your shoes, I’d be tempted to wait and see what new product Naim bring out later in the year.


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Thanks Everyone,will audition a 252 and see what I think of it.

I think will not upgrade for some time now.If I do upgrade next it be the 40s to 50s.

I think Atc are bringing a new range out as well.

Even with a 300DR active 40’s v passives were better in my room……
I loved my old 252, it had a level of authority and maturity v the 282.


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I’ve been thinking the same. I’m very interested to see what ATC have been up to - really hoping that something new and active is in the pipeline.

As far as I can see the only new ATC speakers are pro active monitors, the SCM25A’s.

A good source has told me a new range will be coming soon this year.

Interesting, any idea what the new range will include or replace ?

might be a question for Ben at the Audio East show on friday…


I also compared 40 passive with my 250DR then with 300Dr against 40a (all fed by 272/555)
To fund the 40a sold my 250DR, speaker cables, interconnect and old speakers which almost paid the bill

6 years on, no upgradeitus on power amps/cables/speakers … fewer shelves boxes cables which has gone down well with SWMBO


They’re not new @glasnaim. The The SCM25A’s have been manufactured for quite som time now. The MK2 nomenclature refgerrs to the fact that they’ve recently replaced the sweater with their own rather good S-SPEC version.

I would be very happy indeed, if a new compact domestic Active version similar to the 25a was released - but in a vertical orientation, rather than the horizontal version of the 25a.

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Thanks, I should have qualified it was an upgrade and not a new model.

Not sure it will be this year…however lets see what develops… :man_shrugging:


Fingers crossed…

I have never felt my passive 40s to have flabby bass, in fact they produce the best bass out of any speaker I have had or demoed in my room. There are some minor issues with a 60hz standing wave which has improved significantly with acoustic treatment and listening position. It is still better controlled than any ported speaker I have tried.
I have considered active 40s but was cautious after reading (I think) Patu’s experience when the actives bass overpowered his room.
It seems that some experience more controlled bass with increased power and some experience problems. I guess it is very much room dependant.
Can I ask your room dimensions and speaker position?


Definitely room dependant, my room is 5m long and 3.8 wide with a couple recesses towards one end.
My room construction is a killer with large gaps between plasterboard walls…

In my room the actives were miles better than passives but I accept that’s not a universal truth given different types of room

The answer is always home demo, only way you will ever know how a speaker performs!


Not only the room, I feel. I find certain tracks/artists/frequencies set off some unpleasant boom, whereas most of the time the lower frequencies are fine. I’m not convinced that active operation is more problematic than passive, but can’t substantiate this.

Dylan’s “Long Black Coat” is awfully resonant, for example.

I will try some acoustic room treatment in the future, but this will have to wait…

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