Upgrade bug

Good evening. I am getting the itch and was wondering what my scratch options are.
Supernait 2 with highline interconnect
Twenty 24s
Moded mac mini with external PSU and audirvana

a I like the idea of adding an external dac- either an ndac or chord qutest. This will allow me to connect the mac via usb
b Or adding and external naim psu. (or others that we are not allowed to mention)

option C.
Let rest.
Comments would be appreciated.

How about upgrading your electricity supply …


Dedicated mains has been biggest bang per buck in my system. Wish I’d had it done years ago.

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I recently traded in my NDX for a NDX 2 to feed my SN 2 and found it to be quite an uplift!

Good luck with your decision…

If you have NDX then why also Mac mini? 2 digital sources?

I was wondering the same,

NDAC doesn’t have a USB input like the Chord DACs do.

It may be worth looking at these recent threads which have discussed some relevant options

I would not start adding another dac where the dac in the NDX is quite fine. If you have a mac mini - what do you use the NDX for? I’d dedicate myself to home streaming over ethernet and forget the usb to dac connection. Or sell off the NDX and go with only usb-to-dac playback.

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