Upgrade from NAP 110 To 250

I bought the first Naim in 1993 Nait 2 and I still love it.
now I’ve bought a Nac 32.5 / HC / Nap 110 … just great.
my question,
is it worth upgrading to a Nap 250,

speaker Myro La Musica very clear.

basically nothing is missing in the combination, it is always a striving, it is better and what.

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Possibly, but much will depend on condition and servicing of each item. With a NAP250, being a regulated power amp, a recent service within the last 10 years is essential if it’s to perform well. However, the NAP110 is an absolute honey of an amp if you don’t need a great deal of power; it’s one of my favourite Naim amps, and I’m actually using one of mine in my main system at the moment while my NAP250DR awaits a return to HQ for fettling.

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I agree with Richard, the 110 is a fine little amp-so is the 250, but if you don’t need what it can bring to the table, save the expense, put it to more music or whatever! Enjoy, you have a fine little setup there!

thanks to both of you,

I don’t need more watt from the amplifier. then it is the Nap 110. I will probably put the 1000 pounds into a new CD player.


It’s a bit more than just about watts. The NAP250 is in most ways the better power amp - greater bandwidth, more power, more authority - but after so long who knows, and if you’re happy with the NAP110 (which is sweet, agile and ever so engaging) then maybe better spend elsewhere?

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I can verify this for sure going from Supernait to NAP250DR with heavy to handle Harbeths. The 250 gets them going in a way the SN wasn’t even close to IMO. With easier going speakers I will assume the difference might not be as big though.

A 250 is much better than a 140 or 180 (I’ve not heard a 110), IMO; FWIW, I Listen at modest levels, and have never had any difficult to drive loudspeakers, yet the 250’s musical superiority over the aforementioned amps was still significant, to my ears - however, some people seem to prefer the non-regulated amps, so another case of trying it for yourself.

I used to have a 42 /Snaps/110 for a number of years it was a really sweet combo and I really enjoyed many hours of music with them.
I upgraded the 42/Snaps for a 32/5/Hi - Cap and that made it better still. Finally the 110 was swapped out for a 250…a difference - you bet…still using this system now…would I change back the 250 for a 110 absolutely no way !


I don’t think here there is any doubt about the 250 being the “better” amplifier. So is a 300. More in context of system, and balance? If one doesn’t need what the 250 or X can bring, I always say save the coin. The sonic personality is still there.

mentally … a back and forth. I have an offer of a refurbished CB 250 from a dealer

I need a few more days to think …

Sure, when it comes down to it, there isn’t a “right” answer, only what makes sense for you! Have fun, enjoy!

Don’t think just buy it - you will not be disappointed especially so if it has been recently serviced. You should get a good trade in for the 110 also.

I did it, the NAP 250 CB will be delivered for the weekend. Pictures and impressions will be delivered … later



I tried to find some specs for your speakers but could not. Hopefully they will benefit from what one member here memorably called ‘the big boy’ :smile:

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They are from


Myro La Musica

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I did back to back comparisons with my Nap140 and my 250dr
I know it’s not a 110 …but the 140 gave virtually nothing away to the 250 (on my easy to drive speakers)
It really surprised me how little there was between them (when fed a top notch source through a decent pre)
I would spend the money elsewhere
I still have the 140
I don’t have the 250dr …nuff said?

Why not consider the nap 160 or the 180, went from 110 to 180 last few months ago and wow big difference. There is more control and the boom is definitely less or almost to none, more enjoyable in every way and definitely more power if you need it.

that’s easy to explain
I was only offered a Nap 250 CB. I would have loved to have had a 160.

no matter … ordered, paid and is there on Friday.

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It’s a great amp, a classic. Sure you’ll be really pleased with it. Enjoy.

Great. You should notice quite a lot more information coming through. Also, my 110 can sound speeded up on some material whereas the 160/250 are never like that. Maybe not something you notice until you sawp out the 110.