Upgrade from SN2?

Focal Sopra No.2’s in the dealers special demo room.
The No.2’s are the closest match to my 1038Be’s although at 93db sensitivity the 1038s are easier to drive than the No.2s.
The consensus on the forum is the 282 combo is better, which I dont disagree with but for me the sound quality difference in no way justifies the price difference for my money.

Okay thanks for your insights. Perhaps I should ask for a demo; SN3/Hicap DR vs 282/250DR/HiCap. And then think of the budget gap.


To my ears a 282 based system is in a totally different league to any Supernait based system. I found even a 282/200DR without Hicap to be far better, never mind 282/Hicap/250. I’m only too aware that this forum uses too many superlatives to describe incremental improvements, but I admit that I’m quite baffled by the idea that a Supernait sounds anything like as good.
That isn’t to say that it’s worth the substantial extra cost - that will always be a matter of opinion and I would never suggest to anyone that they spend that much without a proper demo.


No worries. You definately need to demo and hear for yourself, thats the only way for you to decide which combo is better for you and your budget.

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Have you done a detailed back to back demo of a SN3 combo vs 282 combo?

Yes. Absolutely no contest in the system I heard them with.

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What speakers did you do the demo with and what sensitivity were they as this makes a big difference to the end sound quality result?

Think you summarized this very transparant. Thx.

That sums it up nicely. The HiCap DR > NAC 282 > 250 DR separates does sound better than the HiCap DR > SN 3. It is only the additional cost of the separate boxes where you feel the additional uplift in sound is not worth spending the money to obtain.


What do you think…would a HiCap DR give a noticable improvement in SQ compared to my current powersupply?

Sorry I cant help you as I have no experience with non-Naim power supplies.
I just dont understand why you or anybody else would not buy the Naim power supply that was specifically designed for the Naim amplifier. I suspect its because its cheaper but I dont see that as being very good value for money long term and probably not as good technically from a sound quality perspective either, but Im just guessing as its not something I would ever consider doing.

It is money, correct. And good reviews om the net, for what it’s worth.


Can you not borrow a demo HiCapDR from your local dealer to try at home to see how it compares with what you already have?


Good point! I could ask…

New developments lead probably to a swap to a preloved SN3 to replace my SN2. Think that it is more worth the money and gives more increase in SQ. However I keep an eye on HCDR “bargains”. More news hopefully this weekend…


You will be very pleased with the SQ improvement going from SN2 to SN3. I did this upgrade and have been impressed with the SQ uplift, its not night and day better but more subtle the most noticible being better bass control/response and faster more agile detail to the SQ.


I found 272+250DR a much better upgrade from SN2 than going to SN3. Later adding XPSDR and after this 555PSDR was totally mind blowing. The 272/250DR/PS is a lot of great music for the money.

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That is really great if you have the physical space for three full size boxes and old classic boxes are only going to get cheaper and cheaper with the new classic range being rolled out, so good bargins to be had as you say.b

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Thanks. 282/250DR is out of reach but perhaps sometime :). And otherwise wait some more years, when New Classic range is available at reasonable preloved prices. For now I enjoy only having a few boxes.

SN3 in the house ! :smiley: