Upgrade from Supernait 2?

I have a Supernait 2 which I love, paired with my Vandersteen 2ce Signatures. CDX2 and HiCap, Naim speaker cables, upgraded Naim interconnects and power cords, sorry can’t remember their nomenclature, and my matching rack/speaker stands , which are ABSOLUTELY a component that improves the sound…

So get to the question……I can afford to upgrade to a Supernait3, and am intrigued by the MM built in phono stage, although I don’t listen to that much vinyl…. So get to the question!..what is the step above the SN3 if I wanted to go that route? I am totally confused about the power supplies, amps, etc. I will spend money if it truly makes the sound better (to me) and how would it actually sound better?

Initial thoughts welcome, and I am sure there will be more questions. Thankx.

To my ears a 202/200 is a significant upgrade on a Supernait, but if you really want to make a big jump up you could bypass them and go straight for the 282/250. You can stagger the cost by adding either the 282 or the 250 to your Supernait first, then adding the other box later.

If CD is your primary source I would first add an XPS to your CD player.


Awesome info ChrisSU, I appreciate it, so next question is how risky is buying previous driven gear, issues with recapping, age of the used items, etc? When does it matter and when not?

I guess there is always some risk when buying used gear. Given that most of this range is in the process of being superseded by new models, you might look for dealers selling off ex-demo or trade-in stuff which might give some reassurance. Or, if you have deep pockets, wait for the new models to arrive!

All Naim amps and power supplies are serviceable, and the service interval for most items is very roughly 12 years. Always check the service history of any used item. In the UK Naim keep records of any authorised service against the serial number of the item. I imagine the US import agents would do the same.

Thats not much of an upgrade, and I was even told don’t bother.
On the amp side, the step would be:
Add 282, so 282/hicap/supernait
Then swap to 250; i.e. 282/hicap/250
Of course there might be a 200 series yet to be announced preamp that may be “better” (or different) to a 282. Same as “new classic” 250 is to the 250 dr.


Thanks Robert, go easy on me… one Nait at a time, still trying to decipher the codes

So you are saying first step would be 282 with my HiCap and whichever Supernait


Go to 250 with 282 and my HiCap, right…?

What is SuperCap all about and worth the $? Thx. Jd

You may find this video useful:


You can get to 282/hicap/250 from:
Supernait 2
Add hicap
Add 282. Power 282 with hicap, use supernait 2 as power amp.
Replace supernait with 250.
(There’s a parallel option of 250 before 282, but better preamp plus sn2 > sn2 as preamp plus better power amp)
The 282 can also be powered by 2 hicaps, and by a single supercap. There are threads here discussing the virtues of a pair of hicaps vs a supercap with a 282.

If your end goal is 282/hicap/250 then you can get there 1 box at a time.

But realistically a supernait 2 is all the amp you’d ever really need. You could just smarten up the front end.


Robert, agree Supernait is all the amp/volume I will ever need, smaller spaces I have to use for audio. I am not I’m to volume, but clarity and detail, not looking for more bass, thanks for the post, still trying to muddle through it…

…without even beginning the discussion of a replacement for my Vandys!!! Had a pair of 2’s and their upgrades since 1981…


As an FYI, Not long ago I had the following system:
XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Cap DR > SN 2

I then added a NAC 282:
XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Cap DR > NAC 282 > SN 2 (power amp only)
I thought that the NAC 282 was a hugh uplift in the sound, clarity, detail and overall sound of music was lifted.

I then added a NAP 250DR which was a 2 years old that was traded in at my dealer.
XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Cap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 (The SN 2 was traded in as part payment towards the NAP 250).
This was another uplift in the sound with a very nice improvement in the bass.

I loved my SN 2 and thought that would be my retirement system. I rolled the dice the year I retired going with the separate Pre & Power and for me it was worth the money for the improvement in the sound.

At some point in time if my wife and I move out of our house to a smaller house or condo I may head back to an integrated or all in one solution but quite happy with the move to separate boxes for the time being.

Demo at your dealer and at home to insure you will be happy. If you do not want to buy new gear there should be lots of deals on used gear with the roll out of the NSC 222, NPX 300 and NAP 250 (2023) system.

Good luck with your decision.


I have a cdx2 and added an xps-dr and was underwhelmed with the result, especially considering the price of even the used xps I bought, the poster could easily buy a good nac202/nap200(-dr) for less than used xps money which I agree would give him a big lift over his sn2 and is way better than sn3… any spare budget would IMO be best spent on napsc and or hicap for the 202…

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I personally preferred the sn3 to 202/napsc/200 combo when I demoed but I recently compared the sn3 to 282/hcdr/250dr and was blown away. For me it was a case of stick with a supernait if you want more relaxed background listening.

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It’s strange, for me it was a big upgrade at that time. Soundstage opened, sound begun fuller and more organic, smoother, less in your face as with bare Cdx2.
Is your Xpsdr serviced recently ?
Is your burndy well destressed ?


282 and then later a 250DR worked for me, but latter really only when I added dedicated mains (in the UK)

Do you use the Hicap on your CDX2? I recently added a HicapDR to my Supernait 2 and its definitely a quick and relatively economic upgrade (which does make a sonic difference). So I would suggest you get another HiCap (DR would be best). :+1:

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The only issue with that advice is that you cannot connect a Hicap to a CDX2. It would work with a CD5x or XS, but the CDX2 needs an XPS.

Sorry to digress HH, but can I just pick your brains a minute. Would I be correct in my assumption, that in the past you had Witch Hat Phantom speaker cable, but now have Kudos KS1 ? If correct, how are now finding the Kudos with Naim and PMC. I know from personal experience the Phantom was a good match, with Naim and PMC. Just seen a lot of people on here has switched to KS1. Normally would have a demonstration, but need 9m lengths and dealers are few and thin locally. As always, I would like to hear your input. Thank you.

You need to bear in mind that my hearing is pants. The reasons I bought the KS1: (1) I was fed up with the massive Phantom jumpers on the back of my tiny speakers. With the KS1, being very thin, it was possible to have F connections made and (2) I thought white cables would me more discreet against the skirting.

I wouldn’t say there was a huge difference, but if anything I found the Kudos a bit more open and involving. Another advantage of KS1 is that you can ask a dealer to make it up and get it a couple of days later, whereas Witch Hat take weeks or months. Signals made mine, with Naim plugs on the amplifier end and Z plugs at the speaker end. I don’t think you can go wrong with it really.


Thank you again. I hope you are enjoying your system. I do remember that you have hearing difficulties and that you made a very pragmatic decision, regarding your HiFi system. The Nova should serve you well, as ours is heading to six years of age :heart::crossed_fingers: