Upgrade NDX: NDS vs NDX2?

Hi to all

I know it has probably been asked many times already but I would like to make this request trying to specialize the request only on audio qualities.

currently i have a NDX1 powered by an Xps …

i use it mostly with local streaming from Nas (Qnap with Asset for metadata) … for new releases i use qobuz via Audirvana …

i am very satisfied with it but i opportunity to take both an NDS and an NDX2 … (the price difference between the two is small).

as I have already said, having a streaming platform with native Qobuz might not interest me because I use local files a lot. the choice therefore I would make it only to improve the quality of the sound performance …

from this point of view which is the best? can we still say that NDS is superior to NDX2?

Thx to all

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…I upgraded from NDX to NDX2 and thought it was a nice uplift then when I added the XPS DR and thought it was a major uplift in performance. My System, My Room, My Ears…

Others will come along and tell you why to choose the NDX and the reasons why.

Home demo both if you can for the best decision…


Purely on sound, which is your question, my memory tells me that you should go to the NDS. You will be aware what the NDX2 offers over the NDX and you appear to not need this. As to the future and what you may miss out on, who knows. But for sound - NDS.


I pretty much agree with cdboy, although I have not heard a NDX2 in my system.

I upgraded from NDX to NDS with a cuddly toy PS. This was a significant step up. But when I later added a PD555DR to my NDS, all hell broke loose - a major uplift that surprised me.

As you don’t need Qobuz, I would guess that the NDS would just beat a NDX2 for pure SQ, but not sure if that still holds true with a XPSDR. Is it possible for you to try both at home? -The ultimate test!

I suspect you could probably pick up a mint NDS for a very nice price, but you may miss out on some nice features in the future. You never know, it might be possible to upgrade the NDX2 in the future. The only way to upgrade the NDS is to stick a PS555DR on it.

Its a tricky one.

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It is a tough decision. NDS’s are so cheap these days, I picked one up a year or so ago, and love it. I listen to iradio, and ripped CDs on the NAS. When I can get Qobuz in Canada, I’ll probably add an ND5 XS2.
But is an NDS/ND5 XS2, any better than an NDX2/XPSdr? I have no idea. Probably not, but you’d have to ask someone else here. I don’t want to recommend or push the kit that I have.
Best of luck.

I tried the NDS /555ps V a bare NDX2 and the difference was very slight, but i did prefer the NDS slightly, this was on streaming (tidal) and stored files on a melco N100.
But running a NDS on an XPS, will definitely hinder the performance and increase the NDX2 and will probably turn the table round to father the NDX2.
But only you can say which you prefer.
But one thing i will say streaming qobuz out performs tidal, i know you say your not bothered, but in the future you might be, plus you also need to remember naim no longer supports he NDS with upgrades etc

I upgraded my NDX to NDS with an XPS DR which has since been replaced with a 555DR. The XPS to 555DR upgrade was a big jump but even with the XPS DR I was delighted.

Speaking to multiple dealers the consensus was unanimous that the NDS was some way ahead of the NDX2. You would expect this given the similarities of the NDS to ND555 which was the replacement to the NDS. This came from dealers who didn’t necessarily have an NDS to sell me, although one did!

I get the impression from conversations with Naim staff that the NDX2 is a power supply ahead of the original NDX. i.e. a bare NDX2 is about equal to an NDX + XPS DR. This makes the NDX2 a great buy as adding a new XPS DR to an NDX doesn’t really make much sense as it’s a similar cost, an additional box and you don’t gain the new features of the new platform. It’s performance can then further be elevated with a choice of power supplies later.

I’ve added a software bridge to enable Roon on my NDS. I now have a top of the range streamer that was used to front Naim’s Statement demonstrations with a software platform that continues to be supported. The new features therefore hold little interest to me as I would use a new generation streamer in the same way.


Surely some mistake? If so, that speaks very highly of the NDX2

I have the same “dilemma”. I’m almost sure to take an NDX2 to be put aside to my CDX2+XPSDR to replace my Bluesound Node 2 but I’m giving a glance also to a s/h NDS to be used with my CDX2 and Bluesound also :thinking:

Err no, the difference isn’t huge
Go try it

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NDX2 with 555ps is close to NDS with 555ps, but I still prefer NDS sound overall. A well set up NDS just has a quality that the NDX2 doesn’t match in my experience. If you want the new platform, sure, go with NDX2. If you really want the best sound quality, for me it has to be the NDS. Give it a try for yourself… if you can find a Naim dealer with a gently used NDS , then you can compare both.


Someone can explain what are the difference in sound quality between both? Smoother and more detail for the NDS and a more sparkle sound for NDX2? Both with XPSDR or 555PS.

Yebut … bare NDX2?

Not doubting you if that’s what you heard, I’m just surprised the NDX2, bare, would be so good as to be close to that level of performance. I was wondering about a future upgrade from nDAC/XPSDR to NDS/555, but if the NDX2 is that good …

Not options I can easily try unfortunately. I’d be “buy-to-try”

You would be missing out on a fair amount of performance if you power a NDS with anything other than a PS555DR. I suspect the same is true for the NDX2, but I only have personal experience of the NDS at home.

This of course assumes your amplification and speakers are sufficiently capable of revealing the added performance available from a fully pimped out NDS or NDX2.


I hope my system (252/SC/300/SBL) can do…

NDS owner here…currently using with XPS2. I tried the NDX2 with the XPS2 so both units powered with same power supply. I preferred the sound of the NDS. However, if there was very little difference in price I would take the NDX2, it’s still a great player. Of course if you can get the NDS cheap and you not bothered about Roon/Qobuz then take the NDS.

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That is a belter of a system and would do justice to a ND555.

I have used a ND555 in my system for over two years (252/Supercapdr/300dr/Titan 606 speakers) I’ve had a couple of problems with my ND555 when it was away at Naim my dealer loaned me a NDS first and then a NDX2 on the second occasion in my room and my system the both were excellent a close call for me when you take into account the new platform of the NDX2.

It could come down to how you listen to your music whether streamed from a NAS or the Internet. Since I have had my ND555 and Qobuz has been integrated into the Naim app I have only bought one CD to rip as I find I mostly listen via Qobuz these days.

I think you should try both at home and then decide which way to jump particularly as you will be feeding the NDS with the XPS power supply.

I think it is broadly accepted that the NDS is ahead on sound quality v the NDX2.

Based on your requirements sounds like the NDS would be a good fit and have seen them in the sub 3k price bracket.

Both great machines but if you can live without the bells and whistles then the NDS gets my vote.

Of course if you can hime dem why wouldn’t you!

thank you for your experiences … they are always very precious to me … in fact a home dem is not possible for me and therefore my choice is based a lot on your suggestions