Upgrade Olive Nap 180 to Nap 250?

Greetings, Naim Community,

I have the opportunity to purchase a Nap250 in a marketplace.
I’m curious about the differences I might experience when I replace the Nap180 with the Nap250 (Olive)

The Nap250 have been recently serviced. (2023)

Currently, my system is set up as follows:

Main System: NAC82 / NAP180 with Hi-Cap
(Nac: Serviced in 2020, Nap: Serviced in 2022)

Streamer: NDX 2 with an external XPS power supply
Speakers: Rogers LS5/9 connected with 5m Van-Damme cables.

My current concern is that I feel a slight lack of bass in some songs, and occasionally, the high-frequency range can be fatiguing to my ears. The condition of all my equipment and speakers is excellent.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences and advice.

Very Best,

Very Best.

The 250 is a wonderful upgrade over the 180. The sound will be bigger, fuller, with more drive and better control over the speakers. Just better all round. The olive 250 is a wonderful thing and the fact it’s recently serviced - presumably kept as original and not ‘improved’ with different caps etc - makes it a great buy.


My only concern would be the provenance of the service. If done correctly as HH says they are very good.
My late 2006? 250 Olive plays well my my 72 and HC in a second system.

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Same question from you? The consensus was 250.
You should really get some naca5 to replace the van damme.

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Hi Robert,

Actually- I had borrowed "A5 Cables (4.5m pair) " from my friend and used it for about 1months. To be honest, from my perspective, I didn’t think it achieved the goals I had in mind. However, by chance, when I tried using (the cable I am currently using) I found it more satisfying according to my standards. But regarding to this posting . I guess that’s just human nature, always wanting to find something better …!

Thank you for your advice. Thank you

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