Upgrade Streamer for Supernait 3 + Hicap DR

Hi, Ive been using the forum for about a year when i looked for advice when upgrading my SN2 + Hicap DR and found good advice based on member experiences.
Ive been streaming Tidal for about two years and really like the CD sound quality, the MQA sound quality enhancement and the hi-def music videos that Tidal provide so need to stay with Tidal.
I did not originally want to spend too much on a streamer as was not sure how good it would be and how much i would use it but knew i wanted Tidal.
I use the streamer alot now and use it to screen new albums and if good still buy the cd as the cd sound on my system even through the streamer still sounds a bit better than Tidal CD sound quality (like my pure audio bluray discs mostly sound better than the CD versions with Tidal MQA tracks somewhere between the CD and Bluray Discs sound quality wise).
Im looking to upgrade my streamer and seeking advice on experience with higher end streamers that play MQA and have HDMI input as well as optical and coax digital.
My SN2 to add a Hicap DR was a 4/10 sound quality upgrade as was my SN2 to SN3 upgrade however the NAD C658 Dirac Full Frequency Room EQ was a 10/10 sound quality upgrade in my system and room so impressed with that so keen to hear experience from those who went from room EQ back to no room EQ.
Currently Im thinking about:
HiFi Rose 150B but no room EQ.
Lumin P1 but no room EQ.
Wait for Naim NDX3 hopefully with MQA and HDMI probably no room EQ but not keen on paying loads more to get a power supply to get the best out of it.
Wait for Flagship Marantz SACD/Streamer hopefully with MQA and HDMI probably no room EQ.
Wait for NAD Masters M13 which will have MQA plus HDMI plus Dirac Room EQ.
Appreciate other options and experiences on current streamers.
Many thanks, Mike


Some interesting options there but I personally think a future Naim streamer with MQA will never happen.
The Rose units are getting good reviews, just try as many as you can.

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Ive demoed the HiFi Rose 150B against a bare NDX2 using high quality RCA to Din cables into Supernait 3 driving Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers via high quality cables at a dealers using Qobus HiRes tracks and to be honest very little difference in sound quality between the two. Maybe the NDX2 was marginally better but nowhere near AUD 5000 better. The Evos are 50-500W rated and 92db sensivity so were ok for SN3 at 80W to drive according to the dealer.

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If you’re considering a Naim streamer there is no sign of them supporting MQA in the forseeable future. The nearest you’ll get is the first unfold via Roon, which is nothing to get excited about in my experience. Have you considered Qobuz, which will give you native support for proper lossless 24 bit audio instead of MQA.
If you want to use room EQ with Naim, your best bet would be to use Roon.
Not sure you will see HDMI inputs on any future Naim streamer. They add HDMI ARC to some all-in-one devices as a convenience feature for those who want to route their TV sound through them, but that’s all. In any case there is no NDX3 currently in the pipeline so you will have a long wait if you want one.

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Welcome to the forum (mad house). As you are in Australia and Qobuz has recently launched there, I’d suggest running a months free trial and compare that with Tidal first, rather than building a system around Tidal. In my system, Qobuz hi-res is better than Tidal and then the NDX2 is a very attractive option to go with a SN3.

Thanks ChrisSU for the advice. Im not keen to get into Roon and Qobuz does not provide music videos to stream like Tidal and I watch them alot which is why I need HDMI ARC into a streamer to get the audio from the TV as the TV optical output goes to my non HDMI AV Amp for surround sound for netflix movies etc.
Also appreciate your view on Naim and MQA and waiting for an NDX3.

Thanks for the response Mike_S. Appreciate your views on Qobuz vs Tidal and that Qobuz is better for current Naim Streamers, however, I watch/listen to the music videos alot on Tidal (I have about 2500 music video and concert dvd and bluray discs so a big fan of these) and Qobuz dont do videos yet so not an option for me to go to Qobuz at this time. Ive listened to Qobuz HiRes and agree its very good too.

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Surprised that there has been no feedback from forum members with experience of MQA compatable streamers so assuming non-MQA streamers are used by members e.g. Naim streamers predomanantly.

Was disappointed that Marantz and NAD did not release their new flagship streamers at Axpona and also no 272 replacement from Naim either and as others have advised in this and other posts no NDX2 replacement in the pipeline either.

Hopefully the High End Munich Show later in May may see new streamers released.

Demoed the Lumin P1 yesterday and totally blown away by the performance and sound quality of this streamer both in its Tidal streaming ability (using my own well know playlists) and its digital inputs from a Luxman CD Player (using my own test CDs). By far this is currently my first choice of the streamers demoed so far.

I would love to see a 272 and ndx2 replacements then I might be able to grab a cheap pre-loved ndx2 from everyone upgrading lol.


Had the opportunity to demo a Moon 780D, although its out of my price range the dealer said it would be close to the sound quality of a Moon 680D, which is in my price range, so i gave it a good listen, however, the sound quality was not as enjoyable as the Lumin P1 i had previously listened to.
With no new flagship streamer/dacs from NAD or Marantz at the Munich Show and no 272 or NDX2 replacements from Naim either, it looks like the EOFY sales are going to get me a Lumin P1.

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Have you tried a NDX 2 with XPS DR into your Capped SN3?:thinking:

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IIRC the NDX2 with XPS Dr is likely out of his price range. (It’s a fantastic combo for sure). Perhaps a ND5XS2 could/should be considered. It’s also really really good with the SN3/HiCapDR. The nice thing with the ND5XS2 is you can use it as a transport to a dedicated DAC later on if you’d like. Full disclosure, I have/had this exact combo.


Yup. That is of course another option. I can concur from my own experience that both streamers are fantastic. It all depends on how much synergy one requires from their system.


Plenty of synergy with my setup using the ND5XS2 as a transport :wink:


100% agree with you HiFiman. I have mine going into a pre-loved Naim DAC and I’m over the moon happy with the combo. That all being said I was happy as hell with just the ND5XS2 alone with my SN3. Can’t go wrong either way IMHO.


Thank you for the responses, I have listened to a bare NDX2 into a bare Supernait and it was good but so was a HiFi Rose 150B during the same demo and very little between them considering the price difference.
The problem, for me, with the current Naim streamers is that they are not Tidal MQA compatable which is a deal breaker for me.
I was hoping for a 272 or NDX2 replacements that were also MQA compatable but nothing so far and many on the forum think Naim wont ever do MQA so probably no point in waiting any further.

Hello MoonDrifter I just noticed this thread.
I no longer have any Naim components (see profile) but bought myself a Lumin P1 ten days ago.
I agree with your thoughts on it’s sound. I have been playing mine 24/7 to get some hours on it.
I am around 250 hours now, so it should be getting close to broken in.
I just upgraded my Tidal subscription to Hifi Plus to give MQA a try tomorrow.
Like you, I wanted an all in one unit that has HDMI inputs and an output for my 4K TV.
I have not tried HDMI yet, and I am about to order the hardware I need to try the optical fibre Ethernet input. This thing is a great sounding Swiss Army knife of streamers.
I will try to keep you updated as I try more features, you have me thinking about the Tidal videos now, I have a ton of DVD and Bluray Concert videos, but have never explored what Tidal has to offer.
Buy with confidence that you are getting a great sounding piece, full of options.

The Hifi Rose 150 is a great streamer dac and has all the inputs you seem to need, as well as MQA. The Lumin P1 is more of a preamp with a built in streamer dac and it’s $10K. The Lumin T2 is an amazing streamer for slightly less than the Rose, no HDMI in though. The Lumin products don’t have wifi either if that is a concern.

The Hifi Rose 150 sounds killer and considering the connectivity needed, it would be a great option.

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Pleased to hear you are enjoying your P1 and will be checking out Tidal MQA HiRes and the music videos, my experience is that MQA HiRes is very good and I’m sure you will enjoy the videos with the sound going through the P1.
Will also look forward to your further feedback on the P1 performance and also what difference the optical network connection makes.
Thank you for responding to my posts much appreciated.


Thanks for your reply, unfortunately the Lumin T2 does not have the digital connectivity I need i.e. optical in for my 4K Bluray Player, coax in for my CD Player and HDMI ARC in for my 4K TV.
I have a Ethernet Network in my house so all OK for the Lumin’s, however, WiFi would be more convenient but not essential for my situation.
Yes, I was very impressed with the Hifi Rose 150 it certainly punches above its weight sound wise and at a very good price, has all the connectivity I need and a high end DAC as well, however, the P1 is better/more musical in my demo comparisons and so it should be at twice the price.

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