Upgrade to Tellurium Q Black 2 or Witch Hat Phantom?

Currently using TQ Black 1 speaker cables and wondering if I should try the Black 2 version or perhaps the Phantoms as I’m using WH interconnects and have been very impressed.

Speakers are PMC twenty5 22, the rest is 202/200DR

Try both, Witch hat offer a free 30 day returns and I am sure there must be a dealer that will let you try the Q black.
So many alternatives also.

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I would also try Kudos ks1 if your dealer can loan that cable.


Witch Hat Phantom seems to be this week’s must-have item for some reason. Is there an issue that means you want to change cables? For what it’s worth I use Black II and have Black interconnects - I like the idea of matching cables. I picked up the interconnects on eBay, both from Forum members.

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I only can comment on differences between TQ Blue II and Black II. Finally I went for the Black II. (The decision was made today.) It was much better to me (in my system with Atom. and Guru speakers). I read a lot about differences between Black and Black II and to me it seems to be worth demoing it.

(BTW: Could not be happier since I have the Black II. Thanks to this forum I found it. Special thanks to @hungryhalibut who recommended it.)

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No issues, just the good old upgrade itch :blush:

The reason being they are rather good Nigel and many people are very happy with them. It is also very reasonably priced in comparison to other brands. Very happy with mine.


If you can stretch your budget, I suggest the TQ Ultra Black speaker cables. I have had mine for a year and love them.

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I’m glad you like them. Although not flavour of the month they are good performers at not too silly a price.

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The Ultra blacks are extremely good cables…I would recommend them…obviously though it’s all dependent on one’s budget

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Tellurium Black II and Witch Hat Phantom are both good cables but do sound quite different.

My preference was for the WH Phantoms but it is system and room dependent. As others have said, get a loan or offered trail of both. I have now also tried the Kudos cable and would agree that’s worth a listen. It would be my second choice but my first preference for WH Phantom remains unchanged.


I have had the NACA5 for more than 10 years, but after we recently moved the furniture around in the living room, their stiffness is getting a bit annoying.

As I’m also building an office system, I ordered a pair of TQ Black 2 and Phantom last week to try and compare. The idea is to then sell the NACA5, and use the new cables in the two systems depending on which combination I like better.

Will post my findings.


TQB was the flavour years back, I tried them but ultimately too many compromises for my setup.

Phantom more recent flavour for a reason, its very good and not Lumina prices.

Next on my list is Kudos KS1 but absolutely in no hurry to try.

I like the idea of having same brand interconnect as speakerwire.

Quick question HH. @hungryhalibut Would you recommend TQ black din to din for me. The out of the box naim grey cable has never felt like a secure fit and doesn’t inspire confidence but your opinion on sq is also always welcome.As you know I useTQB2 speaker cable.Thanks

It works very nicely. I bought two, both used on eBay. As it happens, both were being sold by Forum members. They are 1m long - the wires, not the Forum members - so shorter than the standard Naim interconnect, which means they don’t dangle on the floor. One of the previous owners tried it against the Hiline and preferred it, though it’s a comparison I’ve not made myself.


Thanks HH

You’re welcome. I like the idea of matching the interconnects and speaker cables - it just feels right to me. If I recall correctly, both of those who sold the cables to me have moved to Witch Hat Morgana. A nice thing about the TQ Black is that they are - and here’s a surprise - black. They therefore don’t draw attention to themselves in the way that Morgana, with its crazy black and white check, does.


It’s not always possible to match interconnects and speakers cables. In my case I have Chord signature tuned array interconnects but Audience speakers cables. Because Chord cables sound badly with my speakers.

Ordered the TQB din to din.
Update. Arrived next day.
Certainly looks and feels like a better cable than out of the box Naim cable.

I currently have TQB (v1) and like the price of WHP. Am looking forward to your comments. I can’t afford NACA5, TQUBII, etc.