Upgrading from a 32.5 to a 82, worth it?

Thinking about upgrading to a 82, but never had heard one just curious what I could expect if I upgraded and whether worth doing? Currently have a CB 32.5/HC/250+ Linn Sara’s, RP6, V1, Yamaha streamer setup……music wise I listen to everything/all styles. Any advice/experience/opinions/recommendations very much appreciated! TIA, Rich

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Yes. Definitely. IMO…

Ensure everything else is serviced:

How often should I service my Naim product? This is a question often asked, and the Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome Bumper (circa 1975 - 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer Black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.

Thank you! I really love my 32.5 but I’ve been told the 82 is a great step up….

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There is always the 72. A step up from the 32.5.

I have an 82 - with 2 Hicaps and a 250.

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The Nac 82 is a massive upgrade from the Nac 32.5.The 82 is so much more musical and has much better control. The upgrade path is fantastic the 82 can be powered from an amp, one Hicap,two Hicaps,one Supercap or ultimately by two Supercaps(outperforms a Nac 52).

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Very tempted to upgrade….

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? - Not recommended by NAIM, AFAIK… :frowning_face:

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Try a 72 first…? Probably not a lot of money.

I remember back the day comparing my 72 to a friends 32.5 (with Hicap and 250). Not much in it and even less once he’d put the 729 boards in his 32.5.

Yes I have heard the same about the 72……but I’ve been told the 82 is a better upgrade ‘more of everything’ is the difference between the 32.5 & 82?

I’ve never owned an 82 so can’t comment on SQ but you do have a bit more a flexible upgrade path with the power supplies over the 32.5. You also get a remote control :raised_hands:

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Really, I didn’t know you could do that. Can you put 2 supercaps on a 52 or maybe a 552 ps on a 52?

Yes you connect them the same way as you connect two Hicaps to the Nac 82.No the Nac 52 can only use one Supercap only and not the 552 PS.

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The 82 will certainly improve the system after the rather lovely 32.5 and I say this having owned 2 32.5s over the years.

Here’s the thing though. You have Linn Saras. I did too and never got on with them when they were driven by a NAP250. Then Naim brought out a new model called the NAP135. The 135s have so much more of the punch, grip and control that the Saras need, that I prefer 32.5/Hicap/135 over 82/Hicap/250.

Personally, I’d put the funds towards a pair of serviced 135s first. And we still have an 82/Supercap/250 (all olive) in the family but not driving Saras!

Best regards, BF


I had 72 and 140, then Hicap, then 250. Switching from 72 to 82 added detail and grip, not too different from swapping 140 to 250. Adding a second Hicap have anon-zero but small uplift. Swapping after some years to Supercap did little but prepared the way for swapping 82 for 52. That was another big step. Recently I swapped the 150 that had served for over 20 years for a300DR.

You can go as far as you want with this, but just getting the 82 was among the biggest single changes for me.


If you are thinking of trading up to an NAC82, do try to listen to an NAC52 as well, if you can. I don’t have any feel for their respective second hand prices these days, but most people would think that the 52 is quite a bit better.

(There’s no harm in trying, anyway, assuming that you can find a good dealer with both units to give you a comparative demonstration, using the rest of the components in your system.)


Thank you for your feedback and conclusion, that’s a very interesting idea! Love my Saras….had them refurbished recently….will think about the 135s though….a bit of a step up cost wise though….

Synergy,is the key thing here.The Sara was developed in the chrome bumper era when 32.5 was king .Ive had a few 82s and all sounded different .Also an off 82 could sound worse than a good 32.5.
I have settled on a 52 and 32.5.Look further than clarity when deciding what is best for music .


Just to add i love Sara,its the speaker i have owned longest in my “hifi” life

Yes love my Saras……I was gifted mine….used them for 15yrs before I had them serviced….they have a sound all of their own!

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