USB current - Nova

My Nova gets very hot in my furniture. Therefore I wanted to improve airflow by adding an USB Fan to the backside of the furniture. The idea was that the fan turns on when the Nova is turned on, turns off when nova goes asleep.
But both front and rear USB ports are delivering current regard of the Novas status.
Is there a possibility to change this behaviour?

The nova doesn’t know what’s plugged in, but any usb “thing” will keep the unit active.

The position of the nova doesn’t sound ideal, how much space is around it?

In this thread is a „deep sleep mode“ mentioned. I can’t find it in the app. Where is it?

When I discussed the idea of running peripheral devices from the streamer USB ports they strongly advised against it. If you want to try, it will work though. You will just need to use deep sleep mode to turn it off when not used, or unplug it of course.

I would be tempted to remove the back panel of the desk to improve airflow. Maybe it would help you manage without the fan.

„Deep sleep“ can only be entered and exited by a long (to enter) or any (to exit) press on the power button on the front of the Nova.

It’s actually similar to a (soft-)power-off of a PC; „waking“ takes as long, and when reconnecting it to power at all.

Another thing to consider: the sides of the Nova are the actual heat sinks, as I understand. Putting them that tight to a (wooden) side wall, with no vertical convection due to floor/ceiling makes it pretty heart for the sinks to diffuse their heat. (And the back wall won’t help either.)

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