Using a Naim 5i as just a power amp

Can I use a Naim 5i as just a power amplifier?

It’s not designed to be used that way but you can do it via the AV input if you set it to unity gain.

Thank you, however, how do you set it to unity gain please as, there are AV inputs on rear and an AV selection on front, but nothing else that I can see.

It should be in the manual. I didn’t find the 5i manual on the Naim website quickly, but it is probably the same as in the 5si manual:

It’s in the manual. You need to enter into program mode using the remote. You can also see details in a similar thread here;

Seems like the tail wagging the dog. :thinking:

The manual is not that helpful to be honest. I have done it now and it’s fine via Naim technical and everything is working.

Thanks for your help Richard and to Suedkiez.

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