Using Flatcap 2X for 2 Pre amp supply : NAC-62 and NAC-112X, How about the connection?


I have the opportunity to offer from a friend in the form of:
NAC-112X, NAP-150X, and Flatcap 2X

I currently use NAC-62 and NAP-140 chrome bumpers and I am very satisfied with them.
But I want to try Naim Classic.

What I want to ask is, by buying the NAC-112X / NAP-150X / Flatcap 2X, can the Flatcap 2X be used to supply the power of the NAC-62 and NAC-112X as well as both? At first I wanted to buy a Hicap chrome bumper for my NAC-62 / NAP-140, but I didn’t get it yet.

How is the connection of if the NAC-62 / NAP-140 and NAC-112X / NAP-150X / Flatcap 2X systems are combined, in the sense that each is independently mounted with its own speaker pair, but Flatcap 2X can supply both NAC-62 and NAC-112X

thank you

Have you checked the manual?

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yes, I have checked the manual, but the manual only explains the relationship between Flatcap 2x to 112x. I saw in the manual describing the 112x, 150x and flatcap 2x links in their relationship because they are in the same output period.
While the NAC-62 and NAP-140 in different output years.
If you look at the schematic image above, explaining the relationship between Flatcap 2x to 112x and Flatcap 2x to the NAP-140, how is the connection to the NAP-150x and to the NAC-62?

sorry I really don’t understand

thank you

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I think there are two possible problems with your idea.

  1. Potential earthing issue.
  2. One supply is only 22v.

If it had been a Flatcap XS, then at least both supplies would be equal and you could have tried it.

That is optimised for a naim cd player, you use the 24v one with a preamp.
The 150 powers itself, the 62 needs power either from a suitable NAP or from a suitable 'cap.

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Yes I know.

Ah OK I missed the nuance that he wants to power 2 Nacs from a single flatcap.

Dont power both of them from a flatcap 2 at the same time. Use the 24v power socket only with one Nac. You connect them up the same way.

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sorry, maybe you can explain complete connection between :cry: NAC-62, NAP-140, NAC-112X, NAP-150X and also Flatcap 2X

both :NAC-62/NAP140 and NAC-112X/NAP-150X work independently

Connect a 5 pin snaic from the 24v flatcap socket to the preamp.
Connect a 4 pin snaic from the output socket on the flatcap to the power amp.
You use the 2 “farthest to the left” sockets on the flatcap.
There’s no other way to simplify it.

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I think the OP might be asking if the FC2x can power a NAC62 and NAC112x simultaneously in two different systems. (Apologies if I’m wrong).

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You can only use the Flatcap to power up one preamp at the time.

So you can choose to power the 112X or the 62, not both silmoustanely.
The remaining preamp can be powered from your poweramp either Nap 140 or 150X.

Just use the diagram from manual, its quite simple (once you know)

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can I combine 2 preamps and 2 power amps at the same time while adhering to the 5 pin DIN to Pre amp (62,112X) and 4 pin DIN to Power Amp (140,150X) rules
of course I will turn on each system separately and will not be simultaneously, but I combine at the same time

Yes you’re right

So my conclusion, Flatcap 2X is only useful for NAC-112X and not for NAC-62 if I combine it together in the sense that 1 Flatcap 2X can only supply NAC-112X?

You can use a Flatcap 2X for any of the two preamps, as stated above either Nac 112x or Nac 62.

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I have just made connection diagram , is it correct ?

Red Line describe Power Out to every Preamp (NAC-62 and NAC-112X)
Blue Line describe Signal Out to every Power Amp (NAP-140 and NAP-150X)

System 1 (NAC-112X, NAP-150X) have own stereo speaker
System 2 (NAC-62, NAP-140) have own stereo speaker

of course, I will only operate 1 system at a time, not both

The mains cord that I plug into the mains is only Flatcap 2X?
while the mains cord of each NAP-150X and NAP-140 did not I plug into the mains?
Is this true?

I’m fairly sure the Flatcap 2 has the second supply at 22V. The Flatcap 2X has the second supply at 24V.

The second supply of the Flatcap 2 was optimised for the CD5 - which I think was tested by Naim to sound better with 22V cf. 24.

Edited to add links (both from same thread actually): CD5 power supply - #2 by Richard.Dane
CD5 power supply - #9 by Richard.Dane

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Just use the Flatcap with the 112/150, it’s a nice match. Wait until you can get hold of a Hicap for the 62 then both systems will have the PSUs they deserve.


Notwithstanding recommendations above. As I understand it, and I really do not have first hand experience of separate pre/power, power and signal have to be handled by an associated pair of connectors. You should not just use one of the pair for power only, as I think the OP is suggesting in one of the pics

The first connector (e.g. socket 1) of the associated connector pair takes power from the PSU to the connected box and also receives the connected box’s signal output. The second connector of the pair on the PSU (e.g. socket 2) then takes signal to whatever you’re wanting to take the output from the box you’re powering, to.

The 2X had two “sets” of these connectors, the first having one signal in, 3 signal outs (allowing routing of the single source on socket 1, to 3 destinations), the second set just having a single signal out (allowing routing of its source on socket 5 to a single destination)

I think the line the OP has from the NAC62 to the 2X (socket 5) will be taking signal output (hm, attenuated by the volume pot… maybe that’s the issue with using the 2X here, as it was intended for a line level output of a CD player?) to the 2X, but that output will not find its way to socket 2 or socket 3 as the diagram “hopefully” depicts.

But, I really should double caveat this!!! Maybe even triple caveat it X)

…and reading back up the thread, manual seems clear the second set of connectors only listed for source components, not powering a preamp

…also deleted some stuff I wasn’t sure about!