Venting fan for tubes amp

Anyone uses a venting fan for a tubes amp?

I wonder if it’s silent enough and effective. My tubes amp runs hot.

The manufacturer will have considered the safe operational heat dissipation of the amp in a typical domestic environment, so an accessory like this should not be necessary.

As with most valve kit, following the manufacturers instructions on placement for effective heat dissipation is advisable to ensure reliability and long life.

When I had a tube amp, my big valves ran at 135 degrees C and, there were four of them.



I wonder if you could use the type of fan used on top of log burners. Some of these operate from as low as 50 deg C. Would need a flat surface to mount on but would be silent in operation.

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However the position in my rack is maybe not ideal, there’s only 2 cm air above it. Have no other place possible.

I had Audio Research / AudioNote valve amps & DACs and even though the music was sublime, the heat was an issue. Summers were unbearable. Had to sell up
Maybe aircon would have helped but noise / cost ruled that out
I’m now solid state and mainly Class D and much more comfortable … and the music isn’t bad either

I have no noise, no hiss. Dead silence from speakers even with high volume and no music.
As for heat, I will have to avoid listening at some moments in the day in summer if the weather is very hot. A little price to pay .

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On the bright side, you could probably cook your breakfast on the shelf above your amp… or at least keep your coffee warm.


That does not sound ideal. What does the manufacturer recommend for clearance?

Well they’re supposed to run hot. The tubes have a heater in them.

Generally, open space is ideal. If one amp, then top shelf. If multiple, then side by side on a shelf would be my preference.

I’ve never really worried about the heat. But mainly because if it hits 28c you can sure I have the AC on.

Not ideal. Is it possible in your room to add another low rack, located to the right of the others, to sit the amp on ?

If not, then I would speak to the manufacturer, explain your location problem and see what they advise.

Maybe 3 cm…. But there’s air around too, so not so bad I feel.
I ordered that from Amazon:

I’d have thought the noise from a fan may become distracting.

With my tube amp the tubes themselves are obviously hot but I can easily place my fingers on the base of the tube and the metal surrounding them and it’s just a little warm to the touch, not hot. Actually, the mains transformer is warmer than the metal surrounding the base of the tube ands the transformer isn’t that warm either.

I would look at options to either have a taller shelf space so more air passes over and between the tubes. If you do this the amp will remain relatively cool, as will the shelf above. Any draft or natural air circulating above and around the tubes would be enough to keep it within operating temperatures.

thanks A-Fin, you are right, a taller shelf would be ideal. I thought of it. I would need to buy a tall Fraimlite shelf, but it costs maybe 700 euros.
I have ordered the fan, it’s supposed to be ultra silent, and as it’s not close to my sitting place, it should be fine.

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That’s a problem… What about an amp stand on the floor? 2cm is less than an Inch. I would very strongly suggest that you do not use the amp in this configuration. a Fan is not the solution… Maybe a Quadrasphire stand ? An Ikea Bamboo cutting board would work less than ONE INCH is nuts bro!!! You need at least 10 inches or more!!
Here’s a picture of my Ayon amp. Tubes need room to breathe!!


not sure if you are joking but, if not, log burner fans use the heat conducted through the base from the burner top to drive the fan motor. They have to sit on a flat metal surface that is well over 100 degrees Celsius before they even start moving. If the area near your amp or top plate is this hot you should expect a meltdown…

Some operate from 50 deg C, as mentioned above valve amps can run at 135 deg C. They are bimetallic motors and come in all shapes and sizes. I would think it depends on if there is a cover over the valves or not whether this is viable.

I wasn’t aware of the 50 C fans…

i have more 4 cm , so 1,57 inches. My dealer said it’s not a problem, as it needs specially air around it, and it’s the case. I have just to avoid listening during very hot moments during summer.
Maybe later i will order a tall Fraimlite shelf, but have too much invested for now.
Waiting also for my Furutech powerblock ( near 3 k euros with taxes from Japan).

You have no more the Minimax?