Vertere Redline Interconnect

I recently bought a Hegel Viking cd player and at the moment am using Naim Lavender phono to din interconnect, which i am very happy with. My dealer has suggested i would see a large uplift in sq by using Vertere Redline. My question therefore is, have any other forum members gone from Lavender to Redline and did you hear a worthwhile uplift in sq ?

Does your dealer sell suggested cable?

Yes he does. He sells Naim as well.

Ask to borrow it and try yourself.
Or clarify returns policy.

He does do sale or return, i didn’t return the Viking :grin:
I just thought i would ask you good peeps here before making the trip to the showroom.

Worth asking here by all means but no one can report what you will hear or perceive. Too many variables.

Yes !
I use Vertere Redline .
Yes it will give you a large uplift over Lavender .
I replaced Chord Chrysalis with Red line , it’s very similar just a lot better .

Borrow some and try it - took me about 30 seconds .

One slight issue you should be aware of . Vetere have a improved version waiting for the boss to sign it off .

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Been lucky enough to chat directly with someone on the know re the “improved” Redline. Changes only apply to a few of the din to din and one Din to XLR.

Conventional RCA or XLR pairs won’t change, nor will RCA to DIN configurations.

However, the nap 250 cable was already very good and has been significantly improved according to what I’ve heard.


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From what I read, the redline costs about 1000 dollars.

We are comparing apples and bananas.

The redline b…y ought to be better than the lavender for the price…

At the moment i’ve decided to let the Viking to run for a few weeks. Like most new bits of kit, it is sounding better and better day by day. I don’t want to confuse any cable buying decision with a cd deck not fully run in.


Interesting indeed .
Especially since it’s the Din to XLR Nap 250 cable that I’m waiting for .
Thank you Charlie

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I have been using lavender , it’s predecessor and Chord Chrysalis for 40 years . and for the last 20 I have been looking for a replacement a search made extremely difficult due to the all round excellence of Naim Lavender ( I slightly prefer the long discontinued Chord Chrysalis ). I have tried many cables and have always found them to be something of a Curate’s Egg , good in parts . What I like about the Redline is that it has all of the qualities of Lavender and improves upon them in every area, significantly !

The reviews that are out there are all positive and IMHO accurate . It’s a great cable and I’m looking forward to trying the Din to XLR when it becomes available


Your saying that it improves on Lavender significantly is exactly what my dealer has told me. Your saying the same thing makes me excited to try a set out in few weeks.

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I found the Redline astonishing on the Vertere Phono to 252.


Just been informed that a Vertere Din to XLR Hi-cap to Legacy Nap 250 new Redline is being made up for me to try


Redline Din to XLR cable will be with my dealer early next week , will keep you posted re how I get on .

vertere phono to din cable is a no brainer - it does actually improve on the the excellent Naim lavender cable.

yes, expensive, but I can’t listen to my systems without them anymore. have a few of them (3.5mm to 3.5mm also for my Chord Mojo 2 into various configurations)


Out of interest, did you try phono to phono before deciding on phono to Din ?

have both cables, for a Naim amplifier, I prefer phono to DIN

I tried the Phono to Phone from Dac to Nac 282 . My dealer in Maidenhead lent me that to try . It was better than the Phono /RCA to Din Chord Chrysalis that I had been using , I ordered a Phono /RCA to Din Redline and it was even better .

My Din to XLR Hi-cap-Nap 250 redline arrived today !