Vintage Tannoy Cheviots with SuperUniti/Uniti Nova

Hi Everyone, I am a new member. I recently I somehow chanced into a (used) UnitiQute 24/192 (v 4.7.00, App 5.18) with Q Acoustics 3020 speakers for my office and I like this €850 system so much that I am contemplating to simplify my main stereo (silent PC with Roon, UpTone USB Regen w/ LPS, Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC, Schiit Freya tube pre-amp, Pass Labs Aleph J clone amp, Tannoy Cheviot) as well.

Our living room is 5,8m by 5,6m, almost 3,9m high (around to 19’,x18’, almost 16’ high), construction is massive brick walls, hard wood floors on pine subfloors over wood beam construction, plastered walls and ceiling. Two 1,3m by 3m windows, currently without drapes are the back wall. Large bookshelf on one sidewall, a usually open doorway and a chest of drawers on the other. Corner sofa in front of windows and bookshelf. Speakers unfortunately have to face the windows, and can only be about 2,5m apart with a piece of furniture between them. Lots of constraints (3 wide doorways with double doors, 2 windows), I know.

I will be buying used gear, the options being a SuperUniti or a Uniti Nova. The SuperUniti looks a little dated (inside and out) but, depending on how old a SuperUniti I will buy, I could save between €1000 and €1450. That is considerable, in times like these. I have never experienced any issues streaming Tidal or using iRadio with the UnitiQute and would happily cancel my Roon subscription.

My 1976 Tannoy Cheviots have new surrounds, new external crossovers, and I gently supplemented interior damping and bracing. Oddly, my wife likes the old Cheviots. She says they look like pieces of furniture, plus she can put family pictures on them.

I am curious whether I will be fine with the Cheviots, or should I be looking for other speakers? If you would like to suggest other (better?) options, please consider appearances. Black Ash is not an option …

Thank you for your answers, I look forward to them!


*mistake in current equipment above: the UpTone Ultracap LSP-1 is powering a Sonore UltraRendu, not an UpTone USB Regen.

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