Vinyl Kallax storage hack

Hello. During this lock down I’ve decided to reorganise my listening room with new 8m lengths of N2 cable from Witch Hat arrived as the new configuration wouldn’t allow my existing NAC A5 to reach the new position of the Fraim lite stack ( or go round corners) and also a wall shelf from HiFi racks. Lots to do and still a work in progress.
The Kallax 8 hole unit has also been moved and rotated through 90 degrees. Whilst it’s empty of the records I thought I’d address one of the bugbears of the Ikea Kallax units. Although they seem to be ideal LP storage, the records inevitably slip to the back of the shelves. Really irritating.
I had considered timber battons, but after a bit of Google noodling I came across this great idea. 2cm thick black self adhesive foam insulation strips bought from Amazon. It’s only about £15 for 4m and comes in two 2m rolls. Each roll fits 6 of the Kallax holes. I thought I’d share this as it’s so neat and easy to fit.


Opps, forgot to add the pics.


Great idea :+1: Was thinking of adding some wooden batons but this seems easier option


What a good idea, sorting this out has been on my list for ages and I especially like the simplicity of this hack. Thank you for posting.


Is the black bit showing not sticky? Or am I missing something simple? DIY has never been my forte :slight_smile:

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It’s 2 cm high density foam. The black bit is the foam, but it has a really sticky layer with glass fibre re-inforcement. I’ve just replaced my LPs and I’m so happy. A really good hack. So simple.

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I must still not be getting it. I presume you peel off the yellow paper to reveal the sticky foam and attach that to the back of the unit? If that’s how it works surely the bit of black foam visible above the shelf is sticky too?

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No, only the bit immediately above the yellow release strip.

Ah right, I just made the picture bigger and I get it now, thanks!

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