Vinyl Reissues - Sorting the Wheat From the Chaff (contd.)


With apologies to Kevin for borrowing his thread title from the old forum, I couldn’t wait to post about this reissue that arrived a few days ago and that I played last night; Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s Rust Never Sleeps.

This is the latest Chris Bellman cut, and it may well be the best one yet from the Neil Young reissue series. I didn’t even bother digging out my old UK original to compare, as I immediately knew that this reissue is vastly superior in every way. Only gripe is that it comes in an unlined picture sleeve, so I dug out a Mofi anti-static inner to keep the LP in good condition.

The best news is that it’s currently on offer over at What Records…


Thanks Richard. One copy in the basket at What Records for me. This is a fave NY album of mine.I Don’t spose Ragged Glory is up for the same treatment is it?


Great news Kevin. I’m guessing Ragged Glory will come in time.

Yes, a favourite of mine too. I used to play the CD to my baby daughter while she was in her cot. I hoped it would rub off on her in later life and she would become just as much of a NY fan as her Dad. I’m not sure if it worked though…


By the way, Kevin, if you haven’t also already bought the Chris Bellman cut reissue of Neil Young’s American Star & Bars then do so, it’s really good too (I’m listening to this one right now) - way better sound compared to my UK original. I seem to recall that What Records have this at under a tenner right now.


Hi Richard,

Is this the 18 August 2017 release?




Richard, yes, Rust Never Sleeps is an August 2017 release, Neil Young Archives Official Release Series NYA ORS11. American Stars and Bars is also an August 2017 release I think, NYA ORS 9.


Thanks Richard, just checking as I have a copy already and I agree that it is a great cut as I have found with most, if not al, of the NYA series.


Slightly off topic, but I bought Rust Never Sleeps as a Hi-Def download from Neil Young’s web site (highly recommended to fans and you can sign to stream as much as you like* for $20 per year) and find the sound from the CD suits the album more - rougher, harsher, but most importantly, more life to it. Yes, you can “hear more” of all that’s good, or however you want to phrase it, on the HD version, but that doesn’t compensate for the lack of “grunginess” of the experience from CD.

Does anyone know how does this pressing compares with the CD/download ?

Still a cracking album though :slight_smile:

*And other things


I’ve had a couple of duds. As I wrote in the last forum, I felt that the Harvest reissue sounds like the tapes are on their last legs. However, I thought that Zuma was sensational!


Another really excellent vinyl reissue - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Echo.

One of my favourite TP albums and the first time for me on vinyl (hitherto CD for me), so no comparison possible against an original. But it works really well spread across two LPs (but only 3 sides). Nicely presented too in gatefold sleeve with two different inners (but why, no anti-static inner??), an excellent Chris Bellman cut, and well pressed (Record Industry?). I’m very happy with all the most recent TP reissues, but this one especially so - wonderful to have such a great album as this on vinyl LP.


if you have not added this to your collection, i would strong advise a lisen, Primal Scream Give out but don’t Give IN - please bear in mind it’s on 45 rpm

just more of everything, guitars, brass, vocals - my favorite album of 2018, for me this has gone beyond Screamadalca,

double album on 180grm - only wish they had included a down load


Now there’s a recommendation that’s hard to ignore :smile:


Antz, there was a download voucher in my copy of the Primal Scream album. 320kbs MP3s, usefully including the content contained on the second disc of the CD version that isn’t on the vinyl.


Eagles, One of These Nights. RRM1-1039, LC02982
Here’s a reissue I’d enthusiastically recommend. It sounds way better than I ever remember it and even very/over familiar tracks like Lyin’ Eyes and the title track reveal things previously unheard or properly registered. The mixes are laid bare with near ‘Control Room’ clarity and separation to the point where some of the production ‘tricks’ become overly obvious, but heck, that’s just how it was done. For instance, A few of Don Felders solos crash into the next line of vocals and are abruptly cut off and several of Don Henley’s drum fills on the title track are suddenly and briefly brought to the forefront, but again, that’s the mix. I’m sure it helped the tracks sound better on FM.
A minor caveat: There are a few moments where the tape seems to sag (track 4, side1 & tracks 3&4, side 2) that had me checking to see if the centre hole was out, but they seem fleeting and the rest is rock solid. Odd.
Anyway, highly recommended.




Hot Tuna, Burgers, and Dr John, Gris Gris. Both from Pure Pleasure Records, who are consistently excellent and always AAA. They can come up as very expensive on Amazon for example, but if you are in the U.K. you can order directly from their website.


Peter Gabriel, Us. Code : PGLPR7. My immaculate copy came from Burning Shed.
The digital version sounds fabulous, but this outdoes it comprehensively. More depth, more emotion, zero treble excess. Gorgeous.


Hi Clive

Thanks for the heads up on Pure Pleasure!

I’d be interested in your experience of the sound quality of the Dr John album, I have a 1980’s (I think)pressing and the CD and have always been disappointed in the sound quality?



Hi Chris
I had an Atco/Scorpio LP pressing (sticker on the back) which are notoriously awful and it was probably from the 80s. In some respects the CD is an improvement (7567-80437-2, made in Germany) as there was more clarity but it is rather piercing. The Speaker’s Corner is far better and much more natural sounding without losing any detail. I picked up on the release because it was discussed on the Hoffman forum and was well received, I think. I would recommend it. Speaker’s Corner are definitely a good company for AAA pressings and the quality of the pressings and the sleeves that I have bought has always been high. Their sister company -Pure Pleasure - is also good in my experience.


Hi Clive

Thanks for the info, it’s very strange but I can’t find my original vinyl copy, what I did find is a sealed LP on Alligator records priced at $8.99 It’s Canadian, Discogs list it as 1987 have no recollection of purchasing it! I’ll have a listen over the weekend and report back. My CD copy is on Repertoire(RR4130-WZ) from 1991 and doesn’t sound too good, I have read various comments about Repertoire not using the best sources.

Thanks again.



The mystery of disappearing and appearing records - maybe you have a vinyl poltergeist! Yes, Repertoire have a variable reputation and it’s possible that they used the same source as my Atco CD. The Alligator could be a gem though and conceivably analogue given the date.