Vinyl Reissues - Sorting the Wheat From the Chaff (contd.)


Well it sounds very good! Nice flat and quiet pressing, looks like a first press on both sides.

I must have purchased it on one lf my trips to the USA, it has a “Sound Warehouse” sticker, the LP was issued in 1987 in Canada and as far as I can tell “Sound Warehouse” ceased trading in the late 80’s. So its been lying sealed and dormant in my not to well organised collection for approx 30 years…maybe it’s matured like the fine wine that it is?

I have no idea where my UK copy is…perhaps it too is lurking amid all the others…time for a full cataloging I think.

Thanks again for the heads up on the Speakers Corner issue I’m going to get a copy to make a comparison at least we know that it’s all analog.



Here’s an interesting one. A while ago, I came across a copy of this Nimbus Supercut “exclusive to readers of HiFi Today” 1984 pressing of Band on the Run. According to Discogs these are extremely rare and sought after and the few recent sales have averaged close to £200.

Having just played it I’m baffled as to why it is prized. Sure enough, It’s super quiet, clear and powerful, but to my ears it sounds overblown, dry, airless and dull. My Greek pressing of PAS 10007 Is greatly preferable. I’ve bought successfully from Discogs (see above post), time now, perhaps, to see if I can turn seller…


Kevin, that’s a shame. I haven’t go the Band on The Run Nimbus Supercut, but most of the other Supercuts I have are excellent, so I would imagine much boils down to the source tape, and even the best sometimes get a cut or press wrong.