Vinyl releases on pre order

I stand corrected

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Galliano, The Brand New Heavies (early LP’s) Jamiroquai again the early stuff, James Taylor Quartet are the more popular bands so start with them.

Acid Jazz is still going strong reissue rare soul and compilations as well as their own back catalogue.


Just goes to show my ignorance.
I know Jamiraqui and The Brand New Heavies, but never really dipped into their Catalogues, just heard radio stuff.
I will add them to my list of future listening, thank you :+1:t3:

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You are correct. It is not part of The Original Source series. However, these are mastered by Malliard/Meyer at EBS and they are using the same techniques – as in the series – of mastering directly from multi-track tape (in this case digital) to the analog cutting console without producing an intermediate 2-track tape.

Ditto for the first three symphonies of the Karajan/Berliner Bruckner box that is the next release of The Original Source series. While the 4th - 9th symphonies were recorded on analog 8-track tape, the 1st - 3rd were recorded digitally in 1980-81.

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Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra - Blues a Plenty, Verve/Acoustic Sounds (2024)


Charles Gayle / Milford Graves / William Parker - Webo, Black Editions Archive (2024)

3 LP box set cut by KG and pressed at RTI. Not really my cup of tea but looks like an exciting release for all you free jazz lovers.

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Fairground Attraction - Beautiful Happening, Absolute (2024)

First LP in over 30 years I really enjoyed the new single ‘What’s Wrong With The World’ I’ll wait to stream the whole record before I buy the album but if it’s of a similar quality it should be good.


Thanks for the heads up, just watch the video and it is a great tune, looking forward to the album later in the year.

Before then I need to find a minty copy of First of a Million Kisses as it is one of my all time favourite albums, and my copy has seen better days.

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Wayne Shorter - Odyssey of Iska, BN/Tone Poet (2024)


Oasis - Definitely Maybe, Big Brother (2024)

30th Anniversary 4LP deluxe edition let’s hope this latest remaster can finally get this cracking debut to sound good on vinyl.


Patricia Barber Companion

Impex. 45 pm. 16 pages booklet. But 125 dollars. To add very probably vat and shipping.

Taken from Armstrong’s final UK concerts, this is out on Verve in July.


The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Live in Montreal May 1975, Weinerworld (1975)

Recorded just a few months before his passing with his brother Nat not sure of the label or the pressing but the music is very, very good.

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Linval Thomson - Ganja Man, Diggers Factory (2024)

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Jake Long - City Swamp, New Soil (2024)

Super talented drummer Jake Long has brought together a fantastic band of musicians some of who performed in Jake’s last band Maisha Tamar Osborn, guitarist Shirley Tetteh, Binker Golding, Artie Zaitz, pianist Ali MacSween, Twm Dylan, Tim Doyle and Amane Suganami.

Real electric Jazz fusion that is going to sound fantastic played loud I just hope the vinyl pressing is as good as the music. Available to stream on Tidal now.


Chet Baker, Philip Catherine Duo - There Will Never Be Another You, Timeless Records/Music on Vinyl (2024)

Another release from this fantastic due recorded live in Zagreb, Yugoslavia on October 25th, 1985 there have been several CD releases of this recording over the years but this is the first vinyl release.

And a must for Chet Baker fans for the novelty of hearing him play piano, his trumpet playing is a little off in parts though but Philip Catherine is again on top form.


Jasper H?iby - 3Elements: Like Water, Edition Records (2024)

JJ Whitefield & Forced Meditation - The Infinity Of Nothingness, Jazzmen Records (2024)


Landless - Luireach, Glitterbeat Records (2024)

Looking forward to hearing the rest of this album Landless are an Irish Quartet singing traditional and contemporary Irish folk songs.