Vinyl releases on pre order

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Delivery costs will be around 10 EUR for one Vinyl to Spain

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Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train, Verve/Acoustic Sounds (2023)

Ever since the Acoustic Sounds Series began this is the one of releases I’ve been really looking forward to. I have a couple of copies the Back to Black and an early Mono one but this AS promises to be the reference copy.


Note, DECCA have 20% off on their online store just now.


Thanks. OP preordered.

Donald Byrd - At the Half Note, BN/Tone Poet. (2023)

Eva Cassidy and The London Symphony Orchestra - I Can Only Be Me
Preordered the 45rpm double vinyl edition released 3rd March 2023


New Order: Lowlife Definitive Edition plus related singles.


Chet Baker - Live in Bologna 1962, Naked Lunch Records (2022)

Hope this is a good remaster and pressing because it is worthy of it a great session I’ve only been able listened to on youtube and the quality isn’t great so fingers crossed.


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Who Wants Some - Various Artists, Greensleeves Records (2023)

One of the heaviest Reggae compilations to be released for many years music from the year of my birth 1969-70 any compilation that features The Drums of Fu Manchu by saxophonist Headley Bennet and Wake the Nation by Hugh Roy (U Roy) is a must have and all for £12.99 on Amazon.

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The Maytals - Essential Collection, Trojan Records (2023)


Booker T. & The M.G’s - Green Onions, Stax/Rhino. (2023)

For all you Mod revivalists who discovered this via the Quadrophenia movie soundtrack now remastered and reissued. I can’t find any details on who is pressing or who is remastering or wether it’s AAA but Rhino usually produce top quality Soul reissues.


Yazmin Lacey - Voice Notes, On Your Own Recordings (2023)

Soulful UK Jazz at it’s very best.

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Workmate friend of mine (Geoff) did the photograph for one of the singles (think it was)… he’s looking forward to the reissue.
I must dig out my copy - see what state it’s in before deciding on the set.

re use / new formats etc should entail additional fees for use of photography depending what the original agreement was…