Vinyl releases on pre order

There are people out there in the real world that don’t spend thousands on Hifi and can’t conceive of paying £30-60 on a single album.

And the likes of DOL, Doxy, Jazz Wax are all some people can afford so why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy vinyl ownership too.

Because it’s a deception and a cheat. When we support them we are cheating the artists who get zero royalties. These labels may not be conducting business illegally, but they are doing is dishonestly or at least unethically. And they don’t care about quality, just the deception of it.

The cost of legitimate vinyl is irrelevant. Embracing vinyl is costly. If one doesn’t have the means for it then there are fine alternatives, such as CDs and/or streaming. The more we support these kinds of shady labels the more they will flood the market. There is no positive outcome for vinyl customers.


Agreed, and as recently happened to a member here who ended up very dissapointed with a Wax Time record it gives the format a bad reputation.

One doesnt have to spend a lot of money to get good records, there are still good quality buys out there that are legit and under £20.
That said vinyl records have never really been “cheap” theres a lot that goes into manufacturing a record, its a skilled artisan process with a number of stages requiring skilled people to get it right, all that has a cost.

In fact I’ve seen the prices some PD’s cost as much or even more than legitimate label issues, so to suggest that PD’s may be more affordable is a red herring.

I’ll stick my neck out here and suggest that if vinyl records are too expensive for some, then its probably not for them, these days its not the only show in town and other formats are available.

And just to add, I dont understand why people would buy a decent record playing system, I’m not speaking high end either, then play this PD garbage. It only ends up with unjustified disillusionment in the vinyl record format.


This is probably for another thread but the idea that for whatever reason someone earning minimum wage shouldn’t able to enjoy vinyl ownership and should just accept it’s not for them and only the well heeled middle classes is quite horrible to me.

I’m certainly not well heeled or middle class. So those on minimum wage cant be discerning? My last employment was on minimum wage, but I know when records are quality or a rip off. I spent my minimum wage on one decent record rather than two rubbish ones. Likewise now I’m a pensioner.


This is probably for another thread but the idea that for whatever reason someone earning middle-class wage shouldn’t be able to enjoy a race-prepped Porsche GT3RS and should just accept it’s not for them and only the well heeled upper classes is quite horrible to me.


Absolutely agree @JosquinDesPrez and @Dreadatthecontrols

There is also another option: to get real good LPs for a reasonable price there are loads of used records available in every price range that are miles better than any Wax or Wagram cr@p


I really don’t understand the point that you’re making.

In your utopian world, will the race-tuned Porsche be available to anyone who wants one on the National Health Service?

Probably best to start a new thread rather than take this one way off topic. Thanks.

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It was just a sarcastic analogy to respond to another recent post.

(sorry @Richard.Dane, had to answer)

I don’t know all labels but there are lots of cheap digital transfer record’s from Wagram on the market, I had to listen to some of them at a friend of mine

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Back on topic.

Naissam Jalal - Healing Rituals, Les Couleurs Du Son (Autre) (2023)

A beautiful record Spiritual Jazz with a distinct Middle Eastern flavour from flautist Naissam Jalal it’s available to stream on Tidal so probably other streaming platforms too.

The vinyl is on offer at £22 on Amazon at the moment.

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Svaneborg Kardyb - At Home (an NPR Tiny Desk Concert) Gondwana Records (2023)

A four track live recording from the Danish duo that you can of course watch on youtube.

Chet’s Choice - Chet Baker Trio ft Phillip Catherine, Criss Cross Jazz/Elemental RSD (2023)

The third and final Chet Baker reissue from Criss Cross Jazz and Elemental Music this RSD release is the pick of the three. I have the original which is a favourite and was recorded at the excellent Studio 44, Monster, The Netherlands, June 6th & June 25th, 1985. Produced by Gerry Teekens and engineered by Max Bolleman.

This reissue has 8 extra tracks not included on the original vinyl release 5 Alternate takes never before released and the 3 extra songs only previously available on CD so definitely an LP I’ll be ordering.


Anyone know about this series of Jazz reissues, any good? Vol4 about to be released of a 3 LP set.

Cerys Matthews on Radio 6 this morning played Jairo Inagaki & Soul Media “The Ground for Peace” and it sounded v good, if the rest is anywhere near as good then tempted.


Watched this last week, really enjoyed it. Been streaming the album, so on my list.

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Grant Green - Green Street, BN/Classic Series (2023)


Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock, VP (2023)

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@AndyJ - I have two of the series and both are excellent musically and sonically.

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I see Peter Gabriel is releasing his album’s worth of Lunar timed 2023 tracks in 2 versions, bright and dark.

For some reason the box set of both plus blu ray etc. (which is what I would like, natch) isn’t out until March. I guess I’ll wait and see what these are like before promising some hard earned!

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