Vinyl releases on pre order

As the tracks have been released throughout the year they have become available on Qobuz. I have placed them into two separate playlists and keep playing them through. I’m really enjoying them and can’t wait for the full release.

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I follow the same strategy. Each LP should cost 45 Euros over here and I won’t pay 90 for both so I want to wait how it develops. I don’t trust these pressings from Real World.

Yes I’ve done the same on Tidal. Though not actually played them through since about August.

I’ve put the separate albums on my Christmas list but will think about ordering the box set although frustrating that it’s not released till March.

Two very different Tone Poets Midnight Creeper by Lou Donaldson is my least favourite type of
Blue Note the hand Jiving, head shaking 60’s organ driven Soul/Jazz and the innovative and original Poly-Currents by Elvin Jones.


I like both styles.

FWIW: Joe likes to mix it up for each release, so you will mostly see something from different styles/vibes each month.

Yes and that’s exactly how it should be variety.

A wee bit pricey for me.

The description sounds like a spoof.

Watch the video, cut from a copy of the mastertape, so much for bringing the listener as close as possible to the original source then

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Over four hundred notes a pop too…

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And lacquers unlike vinyl quickly deteriorates

When Kevin Gray cuts lacquers he has them couriered to RTI immediately, for plating ASAP. He doesn’t cut on Fridays for that reason.

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I’m aware of what KG has to say about getting lacquers plated promptly due to deterioration and he is someone who should know and who’s view I believe can be trusted.

Looks like this could be controversial, Michael Fremer has a different view/agenda (see link below). The problem here though is Mikey doesn’t clarify what he means by often played. I doubt those lacquers will have been subject to the kind of every day handling and playing that “normal” domestic records will have been subject to.

I would be very interested to hear KG’s view on the durability of lacquers used as a regular domestic playback format.

What I do know is that lacquer cuts as sometimes used by DJ’s/Sound Systems called “Dub Plates” soon wear and become terribly noisy. I see no reason why that wouldnt be the case here

The Gurdjieff Ensemble & Levon Eskenian - Zatir, ECM (2023)

Although they’ve been around a few years I’d not heard any of their music until I heard The Trembling Dervish from this LP on Tidal. Hard to pin down what type of music it is, based in Middle Eastern traditional or Armenian folk music whatever it is, it is incredibly relaxing late night headphone music.


Lee Konitz - Tenorlee, Candid (2023)

Another Candid reissue this one is remastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering and the Vinyl cut by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl.

Little Lion Sound - Kingston Journey, Diggers Factory (2024)

Another youtube discovery for me Swiss Sound System Little Lion Sound have been steadily growing and collaborating with bigger and bigger Reggae stars King Kong and Capelton alongside newer artists like Micah Shemaiah and Eesah.


Thelonious Monk - Monk, Columbia/Music on Vinyl, (2023)

An excellent record and no doubt a more than passable pressing by Music on Vinyl but when U.S first press copies in VG+ condition can be bought for not much more than this reissue i’d probably go for the latter.

Great cover.

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Doors guitarist Robby Krieger

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