Vitus SIA-025 - Anyone tried one?

Has anyone ever listened to one? Was looking to upgrade my Supernait 3 in my second system. I think I could use a bit more on the Duette’s. I’m looking at a preowned one, not new. Thanks!

Have you tried the search tool? i can think of one member on here who detailed his trialling of one, and I think there are at least a couple of others who have as well.

If you look on hifishark under ‘sold’ you can see they come up for sale pretty often. No new ones on there at the moment though.

This may not be representative of general vitus reliability but I know (though have lost touch with them) two local people who have or had vitus amplifiers and both had to go back to Denmark for repairs very early on in their ownership


I had one and my view on it should be on here still if you search for it.
But it’s a lovely sounding bit off kit, especially for the money, and size.
But it can give off quite a bit off heat.

I have the sia030

I had one for a while. Found it lovely but a bit warm and soft for my tastes. Swapped it for the 101 and was much happier

Thanks. I hardly ever think about sending equipment back. One thing I’ve come to love about Naim. Just so reliable until you do something self inflicted (like I have!) to warrant a repair. Or the times to send back for recap service.

I don’t think reliability is an issue anymore than another hi end hifi business.
I been fine with my sia030 so far which is good news as at 70 kg it would be a bugger to send back.
It doesn’t need servicing like naim, so need to worry about that which is nice.
But if you do need to send it back then it’s like naim through the network of dealers.

That’s like a match fit Chris Eubank Sr.

Please give me your thoughts on the difference in the Class A v Class AB modes Dunc. Which mode due you tend to use, and which do you prefer?

Class A all the time, as it’s just lush.
Vocals are just nicer and sound so real in class A
Class B is also nice, just not as nice.
I certainly find the vitus a great match in my system.
You can only try it for yourself, but give yourself atleast a week with it, as i am sure it will blow you away right from the start with what it can do, but you may also find that as with more time with it you might miss some off the naim amp sound, as thats what happened to me with the sia025.
The sia030 is a different beast altogether but as with anything only you can decide. But the sia025 is a fantastic intergrated amp and punches well above it’s price, and one box design.