Volume 10-11

Any music

He means here:


It’s one louder.


Exactly !!

I could probably do 11 on the Linn but not on the cd….

So how loud?

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N.B. I find that a string quartet doesn’t sound right at the same loudness as I like to listen to a rock band or dramatic orchestral music.

Crikey I’m hitting 92 db at that level!!!

Siegfried from Seattle Opera’s 2013 production was OK at 10 oclock but when I followed it with Weasels Ripped My Flesh, both on Qobuz I had to turn it down.

Replacement of an amplifier that plays loud is relatively trivial, doing the same of your ears once damaged from extended high sound pressure levels you may find more challenging.

Todays young guys with skinny jeans have no reference to trouser flapping levels.

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Yes that`s what i mean this about
11 but also 10…and 9 when the music is too loud

For comfortable listening, always subjective, I can’t go much above 9. Above that level to me it stops being music and becomes noise. Every system has an ideal level.

The trouble with quoting volume control settings is that it gives no idea as to the actual sound level! Speakers can vary hugely in sensitivity, some 10dB or more louder than others for the same amp power, and the distance you listen from the speakers also makes a massive difference, someone sitting half the distance from the speakers compared to someone else can expect the music to be up to 6dB louder. then the source may make a difference, etc…


Some days, when I’m feeling it, I can listen to certain pieces at 10 or 11 thru my SN2 with my 90db speakers. It has to be something that’s well recorded/produced though, like Pink Floyd’s later works. Feels like you’re at the concert at times.

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Above this level in my eyes it stops being music and becomes noise. If you go to a live show it’s also noisy … it depends on your character… noticed that as a person gets older the noise of the music increases, so equally the volume goes down…I’m glad I’m still not there ,even though I’m older…This is my personal opinion from experience from others.

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Used to have a 200 going in to ELAC 4 ohm speakers and hardly went beyond 8. Now have the 250DR going in to NEAT Petite 30 and now 9 and beyond fine guess that shows the power demands of different speakers

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In terms of perception of discomfort, I was surprised how loud I could listen to music once my system started to go beyond a certain price/quality point, and I noticed a similar thing once I started buying good headphones. I suspect distortion levels therefore have a significant role to play - I haven’t bothered taking any SPL readings, but I find I can push my home system louder in absolute terms than, say, a standard car stereo before I start to find the sound unpleasant. For example, I can play classical (or pre-loudness war pop & rock) CDs through my system with the volume beyond 11 o’clock and it still sounds great.

Or maybe I’m just particularly sensitive to distortion.


Agree that it depends on the speakers you have…mine are SL2 and i think they demand more power than others

I happened to measure the loudness of my system the other day at about 85db. Volume control on the 552 was about 7:30. I think I need a bigger room…

Listening position I assume? Average level, not peak? dB(A)? If a phone app or other uncalibrated device, what app/device?