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Hi. I find the volume controls in the Naim App (used with an ND5 XS 2) are not very responsive. It is hard to know whether one should tap for longer, or more frequently, to get the volume to go up or down … then if one is not careful and presses too long it shoots up.

I understand from another topic it is not possible to send feedback from the HiFi to the app, it is a one-way mechanism, which is fair enough. But perhaps at least it would be possible to get the app buttons to click or flash clearly when they have recorded and sent an action, so it is clear when they are being engaged. Thanks.

Yes, others have commented similarly:

And same for mute, I made this comment in the feature request thread (where yours would best also be added as it is monitored by Naim):

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Sorry to subvert this but can I ask if it’s possible to use the phone’s volume controls to control the volume (like you can for most audio apps)?

Would you really what your hifi to match your phone settings. My phone is often set on full volume, so if I were to have that feature, I’d either blow my speakers or my ears

Hmmm… i use numbers of apps to cast to various sound systems via Chromecast/Bluetooth/SlimProto and all utilise the phone volume controls. And I’ve never had a problem with volume.

Is there an independent volume control in the NDX2 or do the volume buttons in the Naim app control the main pre-amp volume?

Have you tried the slider option? I find it more controllable.

It’s the latter when you have system automation set using the 3.5mm jack. I’m guessing that when you cast, the volume you are setting is a sub division on what the pre-amp is set to at that time, so the upper volume limit is defined by what your pre-amp is set to.

At least on Android it is, see Settings > Other Settings > Use hardware buttons for volume

The slider is not available when using system automation to control the preamp volume. It only works with digital volume control (so Mu-So, Uniti, or enabling variable volume in the streamers, but that’s questionable). The reason is that for a slider it needs to know the current volume, which it cannot do with system automation

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Thanks. I should probably start another thread

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