Volume gain: 282/250 vs 252/300

I recently upgraded from 282/250DR to 252/300DR. After about 6 weeks (252 is preloved, 300 is new), I notice that I always have the volume control a tad bit higher (e.g. 9:30 vs 8:30). Either it’s because the volume control gain is higher on the 252/300 than the 282/250, or the 252/300 is so much better and has less distortion that I’m playing it louder and it doesn’t seem that way. In any case, I really love that I’m here with what I got.

Anyone else have such an observation?

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@JosquinDesPrez I really noticed the detail and focus certainly on anagloge when I added my 252 into my SC/300DR as I have said on here on many time for me 252/SC/300DR is a real sweet spot in the range and the signagy between the components for me is exceptional

AFAIK, the gain should be the same.

I found the same thing when I changed from 282 to 252. And over the Christmas break I added Stillpoint minis under the 250s and again the volume knob has crept up. Sure it’s to do with cutting down on the distortion. The music doesn’t sound any louder, just clearer and more musical.

But then wouldn’t it have to be the same, or better, with less, and no more, need for potentiometer…? On both SN2 and SN3 at least when wearing them with Isoacoustics Orea, the effect is less need of potentiometer to achieve the same, or higher, volume with greater clarity and less distortion.

I’ve had this experience as I climbed the Naim pre-amp/amp roster.

It seems the quality of the amps both pre & power shines out. The obvious fallacy is that bigger Naim amps = just more power, with a modest improvement in quality of output. The more powerful amps and better quality pre-amps control/manage the signal so much better = turn it up a bit more and it’s much cleaner = ability to play with more volume.

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A bit sideways from topic but I am experiencing the opposite after the shift to 282 from 202. Now it’s too much in my face if I turn it up to levels the 202 sometimes went. At the same time I am enjoying more of the music I dissmised with the 202 now that I have the 282 because of the more nuanced and seemingly cleaner sound.

@Lucifer I just got so much more detail when I had the 282 moving from 202, that was when had a NAP 200 in the system and yes the presentation of the 282 for me was slightly more forward in the system when matched with HCDR, but for me the reall step was adding a SC to 282, now that for me was massive is musicality

the great experience of my NAIM journey having gone through 202,282 and now 252 each one has a different musical character which will come to the front when matched well within a system

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SC from a HiCap on the 282 is big upgrade. Really opens it up.

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You may want to try a different speaker cable to tone down the in-your-face quality a little whilst improving the clarity, tone and detail in music.

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Any suggestions on which?

The fun never ends​:grimacing::grin:

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I have only tried the Chord Signature XL and Epic Twin apart from the NACA5 which you currently have in your system. You may refer to this thread for my impressions.

You may want to check with Superlumina and Tellurium Q owners who had upgraded from the NACA5 to see if the new cables managed to resolve the issue which you are facing now.

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Different amps, different impacts possibly. I’m probably listening at a slightly higher level but it doesn’t feel too loud. Whereas previously this level would have been a bit too much. That’s possibly a better way of saying it.

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I believe the better amps have less distortion and are therefore more comfortable to the ear at a slightly higher volume. I have noticed this with both Naim and Exposure amplification. Of course, I could be wrong…

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That’s mostly what I believe is going on with my upgrade from 282/250 to 252/300. The lower distortion makes playing it louder seem like it’s not louder.


Yes, that makes all the sense.

Another way of looking at the desired volume level is that it delivers the sound impact you want. I went from 9 o’clock with 282/300 to 8 with 252/300. It’s similar with the 552/500, but I’m also getting far more enjoyment and it doesn’t seem as loud.

Another measure is the maximum at which you can get enjoyment, which may reveal other aspects of your system.


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