Vtuner out again?

Vtuner not working again. Here in Holland it doesn’t work with me.

Just gone down here in Oxfordshire as well.

Here also.

One for @Stevesky to investigate…

iRadio seems to be working fine for me.

If the station was running before Vtuner went down, it will continue to work. Could that be the case? My NDX2 was fine running Radio 3 until I rebooted everything, router and all, because the Qb wouldn’t pick up any station. Now nothing will - NDX2, Qb, Nova.

Fortunately I still have my old Pioneer TX-606 connected so it’s back in action. (I very nearly removed it yesterday!).

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I’ve just put R3 on and it’s working fine. It must have been a blip.

Still not working here.

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I removed favorite stations and re-installed them. IRadio works again.

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same here, how many people would know to do this though? There must be a lot of regular MuSo owners for example who are not in to hifi who just presume their unit is faulty or unreliable, vtuners antics certainly are not doing Naims reputation any favours

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Yes, that worked! But very irritating.

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All presets working fine for me. I haven’t had to delete and reinstall either.

I’d forgotten the delete and reset preset trick even though I had to do it only 2 months ago with the previous (obviously more widespread) vtuner outage. Thank you. All sorted. Bit of a bore though.

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RTE stations down in Ireland everything else seems ok

I think Naim is doing itself no favours.

Issues with 3rd parties, can and do happen. I’ve been dealing with that plenty over the years. But our customers have a contract with us, not these third parties. So while we might mention to our customers that the outage is because of an issue with a third party, we do consider it, and communicate as if it were (because it is) an outage of our product.

iRadio not working is unfortunate, but it can happen (although it’s now happened two or three times in a short period), but Naim needs to communicate to its customers that iRadio is not working. Not that vTuner isn’t, unless it’s part of the explanation of why iRadio isn’t working.

All IMHO of course.


BBC 3 and classic fm not working, Cheshire?

Out in NY

BBC R3 and R4 out for me too. Also in Cheshire.


It was out here for me in MA too but I did the delete and reset preset trick and it seems to be working again. Given I have 3 devices, it’s a bit of a pain but grateful to have the service in the first place!

I’ve been away from home for a few days and all the Naim’s have been powered off.
After reading the vTuner out again posts in this thread, I was expecting to find the same and maybe to reinstall my presets.
Not so, I powered up and all my presets work perfectly, these are a mix of BBC’s, R.P., Naim, Linn and others, e.g. from a mix of Naim’s iRadio groups, Naim’s Choice, the BBCs and locations searched by country.
All I can think of is I had deleted/reinstalled all the presets when we had the vTuner outage a few weeks ago and maybe those that had this problem hadn’t done so.