Vtuner out again?

BBC R3 worked fine for me straight off this morning. R4 didn’t until I’d done a delete and reinstall.


I had to do that a couple of weeks ago and now again. Strange.

Seems to be out again. NDX-FM and 172 both affected the same. Internet is up. Bless FM!

I’m having issues in Sydney Australia, so it does seem to be an outage of some kind.
Having said that, WSFM for example, will not play on my Naim system(s) but does play from the Vtuner web site.
Radio Paradise is working however. :grinning:

Yes. My local stations play on the Vtuner site, too. Now my NDX cannot be reached, coincidentally. All my other Naims are OK, though all minus Vtuner service.
Giving the NDX an overnight shutdown.

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I’ve also just noticed that if I click on the “Internet Radio” input, nothing populates.

It’s off line in UK, all stations affected.
@Stevesky is our man to fix-um.

My Atom is fine, but Qb 1 is not, and even falls off the network if I try Internet radio.

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Same issue here in France this morning …

Strange. NDX2 and Nova are fully radio operational but Qb1 is down.

Radio not working on Nova, Atom and Mu-so (UK, if relevant).


Everything working fine here in Holland. Naim Atom.

Strange, my early Mu-so, wouldn’t play anything this morning. Radio, Upnp, BT.

Did a reset, started playing BT, but nothing else.

It is now playing UPNP. and clearly radio is still down.

Thought it was telling me time to change for something newer :slight_smile:

Clearly something going on with my Mu-so as it’s not connecting to my library on the NAS!!! it is Wednesday though so can’t blame it.

Vtuner appears down… again! (UK)

Not tried a 222 factory reset yet as NPX 300 playing up as well.

Never rains but it pours.


I have older kit, QB1 and Unitilite. Nothing working other than UPNP. When the devices are connected to my home network they disconnect and re-appear only to disconnect again. Mains disconnect has no effect. I have reset one QB and that has not altered anything. There seems to be a conflict between devices and Network. Maybe this is to do with the disappointing Vtuner platform?

Down for me in the UK, ND5XS doesn’t like it when it goes down, otherwise it’s faultless at playing iRadio and Tidal.

Suspect it may be more than just vtuner ( which b irritating yet again- how many times…).

Have 4 unitiqutes, initially 1 worked this morning with BBCR4, now none do. Qutes cant find any stored radio stations.
Have 2 MusoQbs. One still connects to R4, one doesnt! But both Musos will still connect to Paradise and other stations, but not any BBC stations - cant search either.
555 still connects to everything…
When Qutes cant connect to vtuner, they disappear off house network. Have to reconnect by selecting UnPnP input using handset to connect to house server, then they reappear!

This is absurd.

Naim some straightforward, honest updates please

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Nothing here, I bought the Qb so I could listen to R3/4 in my kitchen. Bloody thing is going out the window, buying a Robert’s!

We have a Roberts playing now!

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Not good here (NZ) on the Nds and 272–is this a legacy issue?