Wall sockets or Power Surge Protector


Today my NDX2/252/Supercap/250DR is connected directly into the wall socket, which has 4 outlets with stock Naim power cables.

Is this the recommended way to connect components to power? I have long thought about investing in power surge protector.

One of my reasons is to have a some way of protection in case of lightning. But i dont want to degrade SQ in anyway.

What are people doing? Any other advice?

Nothing wrong with what you are doing now. Surge protection is not great for SQ. Just unplug the system if lightning concerns you if storms are forecast.


I’d advise getting dedicated mains if you don’t already have it. And to avoid surge protectors, as James says above.

Where do you live & what makes you think that your power supply has a surge problem.

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Surge protectors do not generally protect against lightning, the reliable way to do it is to unplug your gear at the wall sockets. If you have a copper cable carrying your internet connection, also unplug the phone line or Ethernet cable.

Ahh sorry I did not read your note properly (damn smart phones) & that you are concerned with lightning damage.
As ChrisSU says, surge protectors such as the plug-in types do not protect against lightning. Unplugging everything is the only way, and I speak from 1st hand experience.

Even unplugging cannot be 100% effective. Lightning is a strange beast. If the plug lies close to the empty socket, lightning has been known to just blow open a socket and leap over to the conductor it wants. In fact, more people I know who’ve had lightning strikes have tales of doing bizarre unexpected things than not.

Laying the plugs away from the socket is recommended.

Yes bizarre can fit the bill with lightning strikes, its not just the actual lightning voltage that does the damage, a nearby strike also has an electromagnetic pulse that can cause all sorts of ‘bizarre’ collateral damage. My direct hit - apart from totalling pretty well everything in the house - also zapped my guitar amp that was not anywhere near to any power socket.

Interesting that the new U.K. 2019 regs require over voltage protection (SPDs) to be included in new installations unless a risk assessment is undertaken to justify why it is not required in specific circumstances… having high value equipment can negate any exemption for not having over voltage protection… it will be interesting to see the first person who claims an exemption based on SQ reasons… not sure it will wash.

I was advised of this by a close family friend who runs his own electrical contracting business.


I’m familiar with SPD installations in South Africa, these go along with other lightning specific items. I’m not sure whats to object about, they are located straight off the incoming main & are a make/break switch.

Exactly, but some feel seemingly surge protection devices affect SQ… I guess in the limit some may ‘sound’ different from others…
I may get them/one put in here as they protect against switching spikes as well…

Where were you, @Mike-B? I was in Johannesburg and that’s quite high up, apparently. I noticed everything was lightening protected.

No wall sockets, no surge protectors - Get a standard distrubution block and plug everything into that…

The only protection against lightning is to unplug the equipment from the mains, no ifs no buts.

Other good thing about distribution block is that you then only have 1 plug to disconnect when lightening is a threat in addition to your Ethernet

All over Dave, I’ve travelled there for work & pleasure for years.
The north east half has wet summers/dry winters & in places you can set your clocks by the afternoon storm.
They have strict building regs, even the most basic of buildings.

Thanks for the replys. No reason for a power surge protector then, and i will still unplugg everything.

One of my reasons also for getting one without the «protection» for lightning is easier to unplug the system. So maybe a distrubution block would be better!

Stupid question: When using a distrubution block all the power from the system goes thru one cabel into one power outlet. It must be better to connect system directly to all the wall sockets i have?

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I know, that’s the logical conclusion. However, I recently discovered that plugging the equipment into a block, and then the block into the wall, actually sounded considerably better. I’ve absolutely no idea why.

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Help! My first post.
I was just considering investing in a dedicated mains spur with sufficient sockets for each of my Naim boxes. Is the view now that Mains blocks are good?

Spur or new ring for sure. I’d just invest in a WireWorld Matrix distrbution block - you won’t be disappointed.

I do exactly this, and have a similar positive effect. In my case the mains lead cables in the extension cable are braided in a high frequency impeding weave … and I am sure that is something to do with it …