Warning - avoid Hermes and by extension Wiggle!

I’ve used Wiggle for years and always had a decent service from them. Recently however I placed an order as usual and - again as usual - gave my work address for delivery.
Unusually, instead of the package being delivered without delay, the courier - Hermes - reported being unable to deliver it 3 times and was then supposed to be returning it to Wiggle. I felt this was strange but waited for Wiggle to resend it.
After three weeks they were still reporting it as not returned by Hermes. I got onto them by email and they agreed to resend it. Suspecting a problem, this time I actually loitered outside the delivery address at the time Hermes promised to deliver. So far on consecutive days no one has tried to deliver a package but they have emailed to say that they tried to deliver it. IOW the courier is fabricating attempted delivery.
I’ve tried complaining to Hermes but there is no mechanism as they simply direct you back to the sender - who of course also don’t have a ‘talk to a human’ function and just allow you to type messages.
Needless to say I won’t be buying anything more from Wiggle…

That is surprising! I recently had an order from the NFL Europe shop fulfilled by Hermes and it went very smoothly and accurately down to the delivery window time they promised.

I had a similar issue with Wiggle/Hermes last weekend. I filed a complaint with Wiggle because, yep, no such option for Hermes. Wiggle replied, and asked me to always let them know when I experience such shoddy service.
There are plenty of options out there for cycling gear, so I’ll just make use of them.

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Hermes are awful, the IT system is a complete mess. Recently whilst waiting for a delivery, I got a message saying my parcel had been delivered. I had been in so was surprised it hadn’t been delivered to me, asked all the close neighbours if it was there, none had it. So 3 hours later, the courier rang my doorbell, after the expected delivery window so was working late on a Saturday night. He was rather confused when I told him I had a message that informed me the parcel been had delivered 3 hours ago and had complained to the company I had bought the goods off because I couldn’t find the parcel or get through to Hermes beyond the awful chat bot. The driver was really lovely and seem very embarassed about what had happened.

H do seem to have more problems than most and a recent news report highlighted how many correctly addressed non delivered parcels they had in their warehouses.

The only bad experience we had with them was a JL dinner service of 32 items which we hadn’t realised came in kit form of about 200 pieces. JL sorted though.

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They’re dead ringers to take over the test and trace contract then.


From my experience it appears that Hermes use locally based home workers for delivery, using their own cars/vans, and not a professional delivery service. Quality of that local delivery stage therefore may be very variable, from excellent to abysmal. Where I live at present the driver is very reliable, and even releases her own phone number of requested so it is easy to contact direct in the event of any need.


Correct I think. Our local driver is a mate so we get great service!

I have used Wiggle for 10 years or more and never had anything but excellent service. I bought something from Chain Reaction last week as only they had my size in stock and noted that the labeling etc suggested they were now part of Wiggle.


A long long time ago

Ordered some coffee-making gear from the big river once. They decided to use Hermes for part of the delivery. It didn’t arrive and Hermes claimed they’d attempted delivery even though me and the missus had been in all day and no note was left. Contacted Amazon and the guy I spoke to checked up and came back saying he’d put a rocket up Hermes and offered us compensation. Stuff arrived next day. In that case the problem was not the local driver who is very efficient, but a mess up at the local office.

I’m not sure they’re that much worse than other delivery companies, though. We’ve had bad experiences with most of them, particularly Royal Mail but I suspect that’s the local office.


So today I again had the message saying Hermes would deliver my parcel. Again I waited by the open door. Whilst standing there got the message saying that the Hermes lying f**xer had just tried to deliver the parcel but had been unable to do so - hence my goods were being returned to Wiggle :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Personal experience:

Parcel force abysmal

UPS truly abysmal

Hermes great, got given local delivery ladies mobile number just in case I need to contact

As I was reading this, about 13:20, the doorbell rang.
I had sent my amp to EAR for repair (two resistors £2.86). Email at 10:47 yesterday, ready for payment and return.
Paid online at 11:30.
Email at 13:15, UPS booked for return.
Email at 18:35, collected from Cambridge. Delivery due Monday afternoon.
I checked the tracker about an hour ago, en route from Northampton.
That ring on the doorbell, I have my amp back.

In contrast, we were sent a parcel 48 hour by Hermes, took 6 days to get here, a tap on the door, the van was driving away by the time I opened it. On the floor, a box 4 foot long and 6 inches square had been folded in half! Luckily, the contents were not damaged.

Not had such good service from them either. I do feel sorry for the staff though, they’ve been trying their best against a poor system i feel.


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Hermès the worse in my part of the woods they often dump parcels in the street or by bins.

Thumbs up for DHL they are superb or most likely the chap they use Jon who always deliver to the door with a friendly hello.

Looks as if Hermes performance directly related to the diligence - or otherwise - of the individual delivery operatives…

Not sure about that in our locality. Our Hermes’ delivery failure was clearly rooted in their equivalent of the “sorting office” and included a succession of emails promising, then claiming delivery when it clearly hadn’t happened. They only got their act together after I complained to the big river who put a rocket under them (and offered compensation). The final delivery person was efficient and friendly.

But here, we have most problems here with Royal Mail and particularly their local office. An email on a Friday saying that they have delivered an item, when it is nowhere to be found and no note has been posted through our door, followed by actual delivery at the start of the next week is unfortunately completely typical.

I wonder if it might be better if more firms unbundled delivery and product costs so consumers could opt to choose their delivery company. I recently bought a Synology NAS and, as well as free delivery, the company selling it offered several alternative possibilities with three different delivery firms at different prices. I opted for DPD as they seem to be OK round here.


That would seem to be a good way of doing it, as customer can choose based on any combination of cost, speed and local experience. However not all sellers will offer options, as it will depend on their own location and experience and any contracts etc.

Good service with DPD here but I think a great deal depends on your local drivers. I happen to know both of the usual DPD and Hermes ones.

These are often pretty hard pressed employees, working to really tight schedules and coping with a variety of locations and probably unpleasant customers. I try to be nice to them, and thank them for good service because I really would not want their job.



I now check if buying online. If a company uses H, I will go somewhere else. Parcel Force are awful at my location too. It would seem that all of the delivery companies are in a race to the bottom to deliver as cheaply as possible. That does not make for good service.