Warranty repair delay!

Anyone else experiencing extremely long delays in getting a date for warranty repairs at Naim?

My dealer lodged my warranty repair request with Naim nearly 12 weeks ago, and I still don’t have a date when they can start the work…

With my 252 boxed up gathering dust in the corner of my living room for the past 3 months, I’m wondering if this is indicative of a staff shortage at Naim, or maybe an increase in the number of customers experiencing problems during the warranty period?

Bit disappointed…

Sorry to hear that @purl. Whilst the delays at Naim seem to be getting a little better overall, I think there are still issues with certain components, so it may be that whatever’s ailing your 252 the cure isn’t yet in stock? Of course, pure speculation on my part. I waited just over six months for the delivery of my new preamp (arrived two months ago now), there were issues with some parts. My dealer’s frustration was that Naim told him very little. I think Naim’s side of the story is that the situation around parts can change quickly, so it’s hard to keep everyone informed of the implications of unexpected delays or arrivals. I would suggest the only thing you could do is to make a nuisance of yourself with your dealer, at least you should have had some kind of feedback about what the problem is by now.

Not sure how much of a nuisance you want to make, but your contract is of course with the retailer and not Naim themselves. If the warranty is not being honoured, then you do have your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. In the current circumstances, with parts shortages, it’s only fair to try to be understanding in these situations, but 12 weeks without any indication of what’s happening, is more than understanding enough. You deserve some kind of explanation, or your money back.

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Yes, you’re right, component availability might be a factor here … the 252 most likely has the sticky mute relay problem (quite a few other forum members suffering the same) …

Sadly, not much I can do but hold tight, and hope for feedback soon.

We must be lucky in Germany - my ND5XS2 just had a turnaround of 2 weeks

I hope you get some good news soon. Of course there’s nothing anyone can do about component availability, but you deserve some words on what’s happening, or not, at the very least.

I waited four months for the repair of my NDX 2, the good is that finely arrived, the bad it came scratched, let’s see how it goes now. If I will have to wait another four months, I will sell my ndx and Supernait 3 after and never look back again.

I do not want to have a unit that broque in less than an year, and then wait almost another year to listen to music again.


I had a unit scratched at naim while in for repair and they were very good about it and replaced the damaged front panel without argument or issue.

Very sorry to hear that. I hope it is resolved quickly for you. I love my NDX2 and hope you can enjoy it soon.

Love my new NDX 2 too :notes::100:

Actually Naim Will not resolve anything, it says they did not scratch the unit, could be made in the transport from repair.

I am not very happy with this, it’s a very expensive item, at least for me, as much I want to rave about the brand, my experience since the beginning is very bad.

First contacted Naim and did not got a reply for two months, then insisted and they said the unit never arrived to the repair center, then they found it lost in their repair center.

The NDX was repaired and came scratched on the front and top, contacted them and sent photos, the reply was the unit was never repaired by them, sent another email forwarding the conversation that had earlier by email, and them they remembered the repair.

Now they say, we never scratched anything, must have been in the transport. So no responsibility from us.

In the end, I was without my streamer 4 months, received it with the box damaged and no one cares about, is this the brand I believed in one year ago and how they treat their customers, for me is total disappointment.

In the last two months I purchased a Naim Uniti Atom HE and a Supernait 3, the could sound good but after this no more Naim products, I think the brand is not anymore what it was in the past.


Wow, that does sound like appalling service and customer relations. Was it the naim factory you dealt with or a local distributor? I dealt with the factory and they were very good. The unit was returned and the facia replaced, as well as a new box, all at no cost to me.

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Repaired by Naim in England the unit was sent by the representative in my country to the factory not a man in the middle repair. Unfortunately it is what it is, I was talking with Naim directly.

When I purchased my first Naim gear, and that was the NDX one year ago, I was told me that the brand was very good, service and support was one of the best, and I could assure that in the years to come I will be very happy, but it has been a ride of problem after problem. I Am not sure if the brand is today what it was in the past.

My upgrade path with the dealer was already canceled, asked for super lumina set of cables and an hi-cap DR, and already cancelled.

I will not live with a brand that do this, sorry but can’t. Even if it sounds very good, the service and support must be better then this to have my confidence when something goes wrong.

Regarding this I will not post about this issue anymore, since if it does not matter for Naim makes no sense to me to continue to talk about it. The damage is already done and I have to live with it. For sure will affect my future decisions but that is my problem.


I’ve had customs inspectors scratch, dent, scuff many things going to and from the UK. Once, they inspected speakers, couldn’t figure out how to box them again so squashed the spikes into the box at the top between speaker and foam padding.

My new, unopened (original Naim tape intact) ND555 arrived with damage to the inner packaging, clearly cut with/against a sharp object. I took several photos “just in case” but fortunately the unit itself was undamaged. Good luck rather than good management (or care or quality control) it would seem…


Naim does not care about things getting damaged, I Am completely disappointed.

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Hope Naim don’t go the same way as Linn did with their non existent boxes support.
I got rid of all mine except the deck for that very reason.
The worlds in a mess. :rage:

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That vignette should have come with a trigger warning - I almost experienced physical pain reading it!


Insurance claim?

I suspect consumer law in your country is much the same as in the UK, where whoever you paid for this service is responsible to you. That means your dealer if it was them who handled the repair for you and took your money for delivery and service. Whether the damage occurred in transit or at Naim is not your problem, it’s your dealers.

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