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Hi - a request to Naim - I would really appreciate a web interface. Yes the app is ok, but Im often working at my laptop and want to cue up music, listen to radio etc etc. I have something called Qutecontrol for my MacBook, but its not working recently - even when I put in the IP address of my NDX2. Its probably not for the NDX2 given the name.

Just a thought.


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Hi @mathiourose
Did you know that you can run the Naim App from Mac OS on a Mac not just on IOS devices?
Just thought I’d mention it🙂


You certainly can, and it works fine. One can also move one’s phone around the house.


Indeed I did not know that - hence the post. On the app store it says for iPad so that put me off.

Unless I am missing something - you can see what is being played (eg from phone app) but not change it. Which is a pity.

Although I can play radio from the Mac App.

If you load the Naim app - it needs to be a recent Mac - it will work exactly as it does on an iPad, with full functionality.

If you go to the App Store on your Mac or I think you can get to it from the Naim Site, but I’m not sure now it’s been ‘updated’…
This is how it looks when you run it off the App Store.

Apparently, it does require a Mac running an M1 or M2

So long as the Mac is recent enough to have an M series processor….M1, M2, etc.


I did mention that above😉

Its a M1 mabook air - and now when I restarted the app, I got all the options as shown. eg streaming. Thanks for the patience. Dont know why it didnt work first time. Appreciated - A much improved experience!


Excellent. And did you know that if you go into input settings you can turn off those you don’t use, and rename those you do? It makes everything much tidier.

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Doh! :grinning:

I knew I could do with iphone app - will experiment with Mac app - thanks again for the help. This is what forums are for.

If you do it on the phone, you should see the same on the Mac. Or so I believe.

There is no Mac app as such. It’s just that on the M1 Macs, OSX can run iPhone apps

I run the app on my M1 MacBook along with iPhone & ipad however the functionality is not, in my experience, 100% on the Mac, there are some subtle things that aren’t quite right I’ve found but for general use it’s fine

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I believe it’s the iPad version that is required.

From a browser, connect to http://IPADDRESSofNDX2/webclient/ and you will get a very rough interface. Certainly not great, and probably unsupported, but it does work


Thanks to all - Im happily using the iPad app on my M1 Macbook Air. Best J

An alternative solution, which I used for a while, was to run Bubble UPnP somewhere on the network (a NAS in my case) to render the Naim device OpenHome compatible. This means other control apps can run it and I then used Linn Kazoo on my Mac.