What Alan Parsons thinks of "audiophiles"


We three. Talk the next day at school was always Susan Dey v Leslie Judd from Blue Peter.


Leslie Judd from Blue Peter.

No, no and thrice no! Every male of a certain age knows that Blue Peter’s female presenters didn’t cut the mustard. Every spotty, hormonal and sweaty-palmed schoolboy’s dream was Jenny Hanley of Magpie. Sometimes she didn’t wear a bra! That was about as pornographic as ITV children’s programming got back then.


Perhaps my memory playing tricks. It was the lack of bra and the obvious signs, that was always the discussion, so perhaps it was Jenny. Unless we were a bit strange in our 6th form and the rugby club.


I had the crazy hots for Barbara Eden as a teen.


If it’s Magpie it has to Susan Stranks.


Shirley Jones was my childhood crush <sigh>


I think we should all be proud of turning a thread about Alan Parsons and audiophiles into a thread about our babe crushes from the 60s and 70s! The latter is much more entertaining than the former!


And we wonder why my wife starts sentences regarding the hi fi hobby with "Old men . . . "


For Brits my age, Sally James from Tiswas was also a conversation point.


Well I would be remiss in not mentioning that even at 8 or 9, when my favorite show was Batman (each episode over 2 days on Wednesday and Thursday IIRC), I knew there was something special about Julie Newmar and spandex…



Yvonne Craig anyone ?


Wow I never knew Tiswas could be such an alluring programme!


My childhood crush was Joan Jett.51110332_542387809616089_7879385776759242752_n


If Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris struck a pose like that, you’d be very worried indeed! :laughing:


Who is Alan Parsons and why should anybody give a fig about what he thinks?


(1) He is an excellent musician, and (2) he is correct.


Only in your opinion DrMark


No - he IS an excellent musician, irrespective of whether one likes his music or not. As to the second; they are 2 different and distinct hobbies…one not better than the other. Audiophiles and music lovers may be the same person, but oftentimes they are not.

I have seen people with incredibly expensive systems who are really not so much into the music at all - for them it is about the gear. I don’t understand it, but hey, it’s their money and their hobby so more power to them. But the music, as Parsons says, is only there for them to play with the kit.


Excellent musician he may be, but as an audiophile I find his wide-sweeping statement offensive, so I would trust it’s understandable I’ve taken umbrage.


Nothing with which to take umbrage - it’s just audio gear, not our moms or wives or religion.

I worked in a Naim dealer for several years, and saw it first hand more times than I can tell you. A guy will have a $50K+ system, and I swear he never listens to a complete cut. He doesn’t even own that much music, especially relative to his investment in kit. He is into the equipment. Again, it is not wrong, it is just simply a different focus/hobby.

I consider myself an audiophile of sorts as well, but definitely only as a means to achieve the musical experience I seek. Doesn’t make me “right” and the guy above “wrong”, we just have a different approach to spending money on audio equipment.