What are you driving and why would we be interested?

Go on, let’s see what we are all driving, mine would be ice cool of course :sunglasses:

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My wife up the wall


My old car (1972 Triumph Stag) came out of hibernation this weekend with the good weather…and was in fine fettle. Hard top on for a month or two more though.



That’s beautiful Bruce, I love to see convertible sports cars :blush:

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…and I also gave this a good wash too. Quite the other end of the automotive technology spectrum!


Very practical Bruce, not sure i am ready for an electric car yet but I can see the practicality.

Watches, cars, hmm what next? Seeing as you asked then, here’s my occasional summer indulgence, I have a bit of a weakness for anything Italian with 4 wheels!


Another beauty @hollow,looks gorgeous in red :blush:

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Ooh, nice Alfa. After a fine but fragile 145 Cloverleaf, and a desperately bad 147 I vowed never to be tempted by one again. I weaken occasionally just a bit


PS my daily car is a Volvo estate, not really meriting a photo but very good in its way

I’ve owned about 7 Alfa’s and all were reliable but never liked the 147’s or most of what came after, I’ve had the Spider about 25 years so it’s a keeper

How do you keep your car in winter?

I use a CarCoon and think it is fantastic. Quick to access if you want to get it out (I do run mine in winter a bit before the salt appears) but brilliant at avoiding condensation etc otherwise. When I unzip it the car comes out without any sign of moisture, and you can put it away wet too and it dries out perfectly.


I just keep it in a well ventilated garage with a breathable cover, should really get a carcoon but haven’t bothered, I never drive it in the wet so at 42 years old it’s completely original and rust free.

Never driven and never will but even I can appreciate that @BruceW.

A Sierra RS Cosworth. 4 door.
Bought it 24 years ago.


A Cosmos!!!. Nice. :slight_smile:

Diesel Mini Cooper here; sadly I’m on the functional & economical path these days. One day it’ll be a Lotus Cortina. The Naim gear can go towards it.

I drive this (although not while typing).

Why would you be interested? Don’t know. I wouldn’t be.

I also drive this when Helen lets me. I doubt any would be interested in this either. I wouldn’t.

Cars are like music to me. You are either into them ore you aren’t. You like what you like. Past that, it’s difficult to rationalise. Some see them as more of a commodity or appliance. I hope I never do.

The Three Series Touring was supposed to be an i3. When we went for the test drive, it was going to be little more than a formality. We could really do with something like the i3 for local and medium length trips, of which we do many. I wish we could have liked it. It drove well, but we thought the packaging and driving position were awful. Maybe in the next 2-3 years, if anything good turns up.


Toyota Celica [ Gen 7 ]

The last generation that saw the end of Celica range production in 2006
The Gen 7s now exist in a limbo-land funny age; too old to be hip and too young to be classic.
They are worth so little there is relatively no depreciation at all ; )

But i’m very happy with mine after four years of ownership; new sub-frames, comprehensive rust treatment, full suspension and brake overhaul, plus lots of TLC, only one previous owner with low milage, great fun to drive, reliable, surprisingly practical amount of boot space with rear-seats folded down, and relatively economical running costs : )


Those last generation Celicas are very nice cars. Likely to be collectable. Maybe the new Supra will push them up in desirability somewhat.

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my car, the red one. I like to impress women…


Unfortunately I am a busy man, so did a total of 115 miles last year…one of my new year resolutions … is must do better this year …:crossed_fingers: