What are you driving and why would we be interested?

Shouldn’t this be in the Building Lego thread? :joy:



OK taken us nearly 60 years to get there, but we have…

Our Macan GTS was delivered last week, Porsche are stopppng the production of all ICE (Internal Combustion engines) and moving the Macan to all electric, our plan started in November 2022 with first meetings, test drives etc and an order was placed for one of the last 2.9 twin turbo GTS love the colour we finally choose and the wheels, plan is to hit Europe next year, hope to see @Rod_Smith down in the South and then Italy

NAIM journey almost complete, car journey about to start


I loved my Macan GTS for 4 years. Just a brilliant all rounder. Didn’t have a single issue unlike its replacement BMW M4…


What kind of issues with the M4?

That looks great Antz and should provide you with several years of entertainment. I understood that the current petrol powered models would continue to be marketed alongside the new BEV model, albeit presumably with little development and likely to wither on the vine.

The new BEV model seems to be highly regarded by much of the motoring press however, for private buyers (ie not company car drivers) I struggle to envisage who would actually buy one. The cost in the UK for the more powerful version will be well in excess of £100k with options and the electric motor tech is, in my opinion, nowhere near efficient enough in terms of miles per kilo watt hours. Equivalent of a gas guzzling V8 car which everyone is trying to rid the world of! The Macan has traditionally been very robust in terms of depreciation and it will be interesting to see how the BEV version performs - I fear it will be a very expensive overall proposition for private buyers.


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Porsche needed a stablemate - and I’ve always lusted after an Alfa 105 (in this case a 1750GTV) since I was a kid growing up in the early 70s. Chalk and cheese versus the 911 to drive, but sublime in its own way


Nice wheels on the GTV!


beautiful, and the 1750 is the sweetest engine in the 105’s - enjoy


The alfa is gorgeous!
I had 6 modern alfas one after another…super cars!


Speaking of 105’s, here’s my Spider after coming out of winter hibernation


Thanks - nice alloy interpretations of the steel originals courtesy of Alfaholics over there in the UK

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The 1750 series 1 is the most sought after. Better looking as well than 2000 GTV. Wheel seems the racing one fitted on earlier GT/GTA.
This one came with steel wheels+ chrome hubs or Cromodora Millerighe alloys.
It seems you have the original italian plate under the US one

Yes, the car was imported to the US from Italy last year after undergoing a big restoration there. The importing company has offices in both CA and Italy and they source good examples of Italian cars, scooters and motorbikes to import and sell on in the US. I bought it (unseen in the metal) and had it transported from CA to RI, and kept the Italian plates on it. Risky? - maybe, yes, although the company has a great reputation. But luckily I couldn’t be happier with it


Know this is completely un pc but this is imo the most beautiful SUV on the market.


With one of the very best engines available also thanks to Ferrari.


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Well done! And what about 911’s specs?

Love to see a few more snaps inc interior if you get a chance

It’s a 1980 SC, Tobacco Metallic. Bog standard, but with a recent engine rebuild. Interior is Champagne (a light brown) - also recently re-trimmed.

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I’ll take a couple tomorrow and post them. It’s a '68, so has the rather lovely flying buttress seats with the weird and rather wonderful single adjustable headrest only on the passenger side