What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Vinyl released 1969 - Exceptional album. :sunglasses:


Yes not one of his most famous but definitely one of his best


Continuing the Ry theme (on vinyl)





Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis


Superb record.


@LindsayM Yes, it’s that good ,I’ve just listened to it in mono and then stereo :grinning:


Very sad to hear about the condition of one of my guitar heroes, Lindsey Buckingham. I believe this was his last studio effort with the band:


Jacqueline du Pre - Elgar Cello Concerto - Innuos Zenith to Audiophilleo USB to spdif to nDAC

Sounding absolutely sublime and heaps better than CDX2. All the musicianship able to be appreciated, terrific soundstage and it’s so relaxed to listen to and absorb.

I’ve had a great evening listening to Natalie Merchant, Mary Black, and now this.



You beat me to it, do I will not duplicate. Well worth buying, lots of subtle bits that made me think gestalt, they really do work together, the shimmering cymbals, the way the bass gently fades but still has meaning…


I just got the Vinyl of Neck and Neck. Really enjoyable. Breaking any new ground? Of course not, but lovely just the same.


Here is a great vertical of Ry Cooder that I am listening to today:

Ry Cooder Show Time. Vinyl Circa 1976. Very nice live set in San Francisco. Great American Music Hall.

CD of Ry Cooder and John Hiatt at Cotati Caberet. Mid 80’s. Different feel but great fun and just North of San Francisco.

Ry Cooder Corridos Famosos CD. San Francisco. Great American Music Hall. Same place as the one above. Circa 2013. Lots of fun and great music, and the same basic set and comparable musicians. More talking than I like. The older vinyl is better of course, but this one rocks.

Ry Cooder has been a big part of my life. These are lesser known compared to his bigger albums and his soundtracks. I love owning the music instead of streaming it.



I bought this recently. I didn’t realise that Alt J released a hip hop version of this. Very cool.



Nigel North - Dowland



Yes, I agree with timmo 1341 about their first two albums, I just thought they might not quite capture what you were looking for but they are excellent. Their style changed with Eliminator in the early 80s and became more commercial and MTV friendly with the accompanying videos. Still very good stuff a lot of which I’m sure you might vaguely recognise. Their style changed again around 1999/2000 when they went slightly off piste but having said that “XXX” is one of my favourite albums of theirs for some strange reason. You can get a 10 CD box set of all their studio albums up until 1990 for about £28 at the usual place which is good value but I have no idea as to the sound quality on those. Happy listening…


Shaking out the cobwebs in my ears. CD picked up in Tower Records, Osaka. Luckily the Japanese continue to support CD/record shops. I’m trying to pick up as many CDs as I can before physical media disappears.


Been on preorder on the river, just arrived, Robin Trower box set £25image


Vinyl released 1967 - Kicking off with some Moody’s, great album. :sunglasses:


Nigel make sure you don’t get a copy of that awful Tres Hombres version (think it was the early cd issue) where they took out the original drum track and telephoned in a drum machine. It is the BEST place to start with ZZTop


More good US west coast air guitar… good get up and go… not quite in the same league as the band Bad Religion in my opinion… but the track ‘I Was Wrong’ has a good hook…