What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


I came across this on a roon recommendation based on previous listening:

a total reinterpretation of Fats Waller certainly, a party album of sorts.



One of my students playing Rachmaninov on the concert grand to relieve the stresses of academic study :sunglasses:


Moving on to

There is simply so much music out there I’ve never come across it’s staggering. Another Roon suggestion, great slabs of groovy jazz fusion.



Billy Gibbons, good sounding recording. Recommended on the old forum


Some well recorded modern soul. Great voice and playing.

Qobuz 24/96



I never bought a Miles album contemporaneously and listening to this his last studio album released in 1993 I’m wondering how it by-passed me at the time. I wouldn’t agree with this 2 stars of this review.

MQA Roon first decode to 24/96



Just happened to stumble on this John Lodge aka Moody Blues guy album


Diana Krall, very relaxing.


Also nice and relaxing, Diana Panton


Enjoying some Love Songs by Suzanne Vega from this box set:



Lucinda Williams,first time I’ve played this very nice indeed.


Locatelli DSD 128 well presented and recorded, performed with passion.


Supertramp - Crime of the Century. Always a good listen.


The Eels - Shootenanny!


Somebody recommended this album recently turned upend ripped rather good.

Thanks to ever it as.


George is sounding rather good this morning.


I have the original vinyl of this in a box 2000kms away so can’t compare, but I’d be surprised if it matches the quality of this digital version. Sizzling, smooth ,sexy seventies soul sounding sublime.


Phil Collins - But Seriously (1989). Charity shop purchase, 50 cents. Actually not that bad, never listened to it back in the day.


Instrumental progressive metal from 2008

FLAC CD rip, fantastic guitar skills.


Haelos - Full Circle (2016). Chilling trip hop shoegaze.