What are you looking to buy in 2023?

Sonus Faber are beautiful those era of serblin produced 90s now their value is not worth the market price and you should know. In 2023 rather than spending money on the plant I would take a ducati panigale 1290 to go on the track.

Pity they need to be white my dealer has an ex demo pair in black for £6,299, good price.

Black is the new white…
Both have an absence of colour, just one reflects all light tge other absorbs it. Noght and day you could say, in common hifi parlance!

I guess with a full length grill they sort of look black anyhow?:thinking:

The 552 is the significant upgrade, it works with anything. But to add a 500 is to fully appreciate what is possible. Fascinating, remarkable, and huge fun.


I tested Cremona auditor M with my nait5i. They are great matched and you can still improve with higher amp (Supernait)