What Audiophiles say to confused Normies

“Your highs are a little on the bright side there chappie.”
“Your bloat feels rather good but your congestion seems stuffy!”
“How much did it cost did you ask? … well … (cough) … it is silver and gold plated!”
“Did you touch it … did you … oh no …. It has probably moved a few millimetres … now I will have to spend 2 hours finding the sweets spot again!”
“Omg do not put Pop Music playing on my system it can ONLY play Russian 18th century dark creative Jazz!!”
“You might find that sibilant will cause early fatigue!”
“Your left falangie is vibrating at the wrong harmonic …. You need to have looked into before it explodes!”


“Why aren’t your feet tapping?”

“What do you mean it sounds awful?”

“The bass absolutely is there - just let your mind fill in the fundamental from in the harmonics, which are so fast that you can even forget that a string takes a moment to build up.”

“No, in common with all true audiophiles I’m immune to confirmation bias - actually to all psychological effects”.

“Yes, the power supplies for the power supplies are all specialist audiophile models - I know because they cost 10x the price of others even though the components and design are identical.”.


“It’s important to focus on the notes not being played”


"What’s that?

Oh, of course… you can’t actually hear Bonham’s drum pedal squeak on your set-up…"


This old two channel system will sound better than streaming hi res…
‘No’ not my bias,… and ‘Yes’, much of this stuff became cheap at some point decades ago… but has come full circle and is now highly sort after…

No that WILL NOT HAPPEN to your latest toys with ‘MQA and Hi Res’. I Promise!


Yes good two channel audio is better than megabucks surround sound.
‘No’ I couldn’t walk into a store and buy a surround sound setup that could beat this for stereo music.

Vinyl is making a comeback because the ‘race to mid-fi’ sound that the iPod and earbuds and ‘everything wireless’ has given us… now we chase our tail for ‘good class D’ amplifiers and, well, Vinyl is making a comeback.
Perhaps some people CAN hear what sounds musical.

When the shrunk down ‘power sipping’ budget fi DACs rule the market, some are voting with their wallets to seek out analogue again… (who knew?)


“What? You mean you can’t hear that the timing is better?”

“Listen. You can actually hear Robert Plant taking a drag on his cigarette!”


Ooh that vibrato, did you feel it :grinning:

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Oh, the decay…



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As I found myself saying (again) only the other Saturday: “In a regular passive system, the power amplifier sends a full frequency signal to the loudspeaker where a passive crossover, which contains only passive components such as resistors and capacitors, splits the signal and sends the high frequencies to the tweeter and the lower frequencies to the bass-midrange unit, whereas in an active system…”


one should muse however if the capacitor is truly passive … ? … or does it change the modularity of the electron field and thus colour the musical form itself? :slight_smile:

You’ve got what?


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“No, no! We are not some geeky audiophiles who listen to their strange-looking system with some out of the world-audiophiles music that you, the mortals, are not familiar with. We don’t spew other worldly terms like impedance, THD, sibilance, intermodulation distortion, or signal to noise ratio when we talk. We, the NAIM owners are true music lovers who listen to ordinary music like any normal people, just with better dynamics, musicality and PRaT!” :crazy_face:

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Why did you just hit me I wasn’t calling you a PRaT, Ouch you hit me again. PRaT means Ouch! Not again!


Yes. this pretty much takes up the whole room.


These two black boxes look the same, but there’s a £12k cost difference between them.


Only top quality hi-fi has a green logo


@ChrisBell “It’s important to focus on the notes not being played”

You have spoken wisely, Grasshopper. Now tell me, what is the sound of one hand…



This made me laugh quite a bit … it reminds me of an old saying “what your enemy says is far less important than what he does not say!” :slight_smile: “What you hear is far less important than what you do not hear!” :slight_smile:

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Aside from forgetting the indictors, which have greater impact on sound than resistors, does that mean you were suggesting that a passive XO in the high power part of the chain has less negative impact on the sound than an active XO before the power amps?

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