What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?


After work I usually gravitate towards a nice beer to draw a line under either a hard and stressful day or an enjoyable and fun day! I live in England but my preference is for Belgian beer which you may see if this post gains any traction! I see that wine and Whiskey have their places as firm favourites in this forum and while enjoying wine, I find as the current (non breast feeding) sole drinker in my house I am marginally better off consuming beer rather than a bottle of wine each night!

Anyway, I present to you one of my all time favourites Tripel Karmeliet! This beer is still brewed according to an authentic beer recipe from 1679 derived from the old Carmelite convent in Dendermonde. Most importantly it tastes almost as good as our Naim systems sound!


Ah, I thought about a thread like this, glad to see some one more proactive than me… not drinking tonight but will post soon…


I guess we will soon see if we are the only two enjoying this beverage! :beers:


Bit early for a beer down under as i write, but i can assure you at about 5pm (New Zealand time) i will be enjoying a few of these beers.
This has been this summer’s “go to beer”, imported beer are a bit limited down here, but saying that all the usual big brands are available
By the way it’s going to be about 28 degrees today in Auckland and some locations around NZ up to 34 degrees, just thought i’d get that in there for you northern hemisphere folk :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:.

Only 8 hours to wait :joy:


Way too early here as well, Sydney is expected to reach 38c this afternoon. Having Maxcian with the family tonight so I probably have a few Coronas or Pacifico. Lousy beer but easy to drink when it’s hot.


I am partial to a pint of Hobgoblin.


Hope your near the coast Pete, most beers are good, after the third one :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Tonights beer.


Yes fortunately, and a cool change is coming through mid afternoon. Tomorrow’s expected to only be 22c, so my Friday afternoon beer will definitely not be a corona


In stark contrast to the postive numbers being banded about can I say that -12 is forcast for tonight here in my part of England!!


I will join you Steve with the Tripel Karmeliet, very nice indeed. My usual is Greene King Abbot which if stored right takes some beating.


just to be clear, it is 06:45 in the morning here so I am just catching up with the evening posts and not starting the day with this on my muesli…although, looking at the day ahead…:grinning:


Wifey has a particularly good habit of buying me the occasional English beer. It’s 8:53pm Thursday night in New Zealand. I don’t work Friday, so here we are with this and a headphone session:


London Pride Company has just been sold to an Asian Company Asahi.

Could soon be called The Pride Of Asia ??


Pooh bums :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Have a few of these in for later.

If you ever come across wild hops growing somewhere. If you give them rub, they give off a rubbery garlic sort of aroma. This beer has a very fresh finish - like it hasn’t been sitting long brewing and still retains that aroma of wild hops.
One for real ale connoisseurs that don’t always like it super bitter.


Last night after a cold cross-country ski, my best friend and I visited something new and something old: Fuller’s Vintage ale from 2018 and 2012… spectacular and a great way to cap a day. Inspired to have another “vertical tasting”, as I still have a few going back to 2006 or 2007 (although missing 2107 and 2016, which we did not get over here for some reason). Anyway, worth getting two or three: one to drink and some to age.

Regards alan


The mighty Umbel Ale. From Nethergate.
If you ever come across this served from cask, it’s well recommended.


My favourite when i lived in Sydney was James Squire , he sounded like a bit of a character as well . Is it still popular ?


I was in the US recently and really enjoyed Brooklyn Lager , I possibly forced myself to like it after paying $15 for a pint of it watching the NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden but thats another story … Anyway i like it and fortunately its widely available this side of the pond .

Brooklyn Lager