What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?

I’m guessing that at 6.9% the ‘hazy’ in the name of the beer is the state that it leaves your memory in after a couple of pints :wink:


Enjoying the nice muzzy feeling one (or three) Chimay 9% gives.

In Brussels where little baby Edith had just made me a grandfather.

What a special gift, to see one’s children’s children.



Congratulations. :+1:

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Top fellow. If you ever have the chance, take the brewery tour with Miles providing the commentary. The “help yourself” in the cellar is something else (“…we’re hosing down in about 45 minutes but drink whatever you like until then…”).

I still have a few bottles remaining of this special Chimay Cent Cinquante - Celebrating 150 Years in 2012.
I first tried this beer during my year in London (2013-2014) and have very fond memories from that time.

At 10% one must be cautious with this 750ml.
Francis Urquhart is my companion for this sitting.


A fine mid-week selection in The Bandstand last night. Alechemy, Ritual, and Inveralmond, Lia Fail, hit the spot nicely.




Always love a goldfish bowl of Leffe by the seaside.


This with cinnamon buns and coffee.
A lot of taste, fruity and vinous aftertaste. 6,5%. Bought in Sweden.


Newly discovered this Brewsters Hophead.
A fine real ale cask pulled. Instead of those chilled pumped craft beers.
Can easily imagine a few of these going down well in a good session.


Duvel next ? ! :joy:

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Mmmm nice but alas not on offer!

A lovely pint of Hooky today - I’ll miss these guys.

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From a local craft brewery Diamond Beach Pilsner. Goes down well on a hot and sticky Thursday evening.


Love Pilsner but getting harder to find in pubs

Tbh it wasn’t the best I’ve had, it wasn’t bad just not great.

I know it’s my second beer but it is rather muggy here. This has been the fridge for months I’m not sure were it came from but it’s cold. Not as bad as I thought it would be but just a little too XPA for me.

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