What do the difference in colors for the number of posts mean?


The numbers next to a post, I believe refers, in some way, to the number of posts. Some are black, some red and some are shaded grey. What do these color differences mean?

The number is the number of replies and the colour goes from grey to orange depending on the number of likes and the likes to posts ratio on the thread.

@Richard.Dane i am not sure I understand your response but thanks.

In addition to Richard’s answer, you can also read here;

@Bjorn Since joining in August 2023, I remain clueless about what this all means.

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I think you will find most of the answers to your questions here;

But in practical terms, the numbers and colours have no bearing on anything!

I’d never even noticed the colours, let alone wondered what they meant!

Is ignorance bliss, one wonders?




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