What do you know?

Just as I had decided the the NAC-N 272 was getting a bit long in the tooth compared with its newer siblings to buy, I read it is discontinued. Does this mean they may a new family member the NAC-N 372 ?

No-one knows. There is lots of speculation on this on the forum if you want to look for it. But the bottom line is that you will have to wait and see.


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Lots of us have the cash ready and waiting! Getting a bit bored of the wait though…

A bit rash but I’d go for one, being an updated version would give me everything I’m looking for “Made In Britain”. My present streamer is Lindemann and I can find possible replacements from around the planet, including the latest Lindemann Source but I’d like to buy British. I’m in no rush but I like the very thing the 272 has, everything in one box, my present box has a CD spinner built in as well but I’m willing to sacrifice that inclusion. Come on Naim let us buy British! (PS I understand the finance implications if they weren’t to sell in sufficient numbers for Naim)

Hello Tenacity! Welcome to the madhouse. A lot of thoughts about if and when an updated 272-2 will be introduced can be fonud below:

Whith the Covid-19 crisis, I think that if any company would introduce something new, they would postpone the introduction. Not that a hifi show like Munich is needed, but production needs to be up to speed and also the whole distribution network …

Hi Klout10, well an interesting update for especially for me and in passing for Naim fans perhaps. I’ve just today received and email from Lindemann titled Turning Old Into New which has given me food for thought. They are offering a full upgrade of all their old Musicbooks to the latest SOURCE version! For my version they put in a new upgraded CD drive and it comes back with a 2 year warranty. Maybe it will help give Naim a nudge, not an upgrade of the existing models but to release an updated version.

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