What do you use for cleaning vinyl?

I remember a while back reading on some forum that a mixture of isopropanol and distilled water was recommended for cleaning vinyl. I can’t remember the ratio though and whether anything else needed to be added? What do you guys use? I use a Knosti Disco Antistat 2 cleaning machine.

I use “Vinyl Shelter” fluid on my Knosti. Decent price and works well.

I use coffee filters to strain the fluid afterwards.

L’Art du Son+Distilled water followed by a final phase with IMS+Distilled water seems to work well for me on my Loricraft RC4


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Distilled water 95%
Isopropyl alcohol 4.95%
Photoflow .05%

Works brilliant and is as cheap as you will get

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Does the wetting agent have to be the Kodak PhotoFlo or can it be any wetting agent?

Any wetting agent would do I suppose
Even a dash of liquid soap
But photoflow lasts for ever and has no salt etc.

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Ilford’s Ilfotol will work just as well.

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i use that, 25/30 % water. no problem since 20 years.

Nitty Gritty Pure2

Disc Doctor and distilled water on a VPI 17 for the vacuum dry feature.

L’Art du Son, diluted 1:50 with Audio Intelligent Ultra-Pure Water. VPI 16.5 machine.

Disc doctor and distilled water with VPI 16.5

The stuff recommended by AudioDesk for their ultrasonic machines, diluted with DI water.

I use Pro-Ject Wash it. It came with the RCM I bought and so I used it (diluted with distilled water) and it worked very well. It’s not expensive so I have bought more. It’s alcohol free, non-toxic and also claims to be 100% eco friendly too.

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We have the same machine. It comes with a free subscription to Terry’s stories.

The main point is it one of the best and built like a tank.


I used a mixture of distilled water and Isopropyl Alcohol for a brief period of time when I wasn’t able to get a supply IMS (Industrial Methylated Spirits). I reverted back to using a mix of IMS and distilled water when the supply became available again, because I felt it was more effective.

However, a year or so ago someone on the forum pointed out to me that the ethanol content of IMS is potentially hazardous, as is potentially the careless and frequent use of Isopropyl Alcohol.

I now use a mixture of distilled water and either Project’s record cleaning fluid or L’Art du Son, both of which are non toxic and work every bit as well as the IMS/distilled water solution.

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I have a bottle of Nitty Gritty enzyme cleaner that worked where an audiodesk (at a dealers) and my normal 25% 2-propanol on the VPI 16.5 failed to get one particularly dirty LP clean. About a year later with the enzyme solution just stored at room temp it failed to quieten another LP. Either that LP has groove damage or the enzymes are degraded.
I have a spare brush and wand that are nearly worn out so it might be time to try out a dilution of an enzyme based washing detergent on a gash record, I noticed a Max Bygraves disc in a bunch of records from my late uncle that will be ideal for this test, except for the part where I have to listen to it.

And it smells ok!

Ahh, Max Bygraves…

Well I wouldn’t want to ruin a Charlie Kunz.