What does Naim do to help reduce CO2 emissions?

Not sure if @Naim.Marketing can help here, but interested to know if Naim have any specific statement on this.

The fact that their kit lasts decades, and is still mostly support equipment speaks a lot about sustainability. Not to mention the customers that are also keen to keep it going, with a great second hand market.

Built to Last is one of our core brand values:

We are also on a continuing mission to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging.

We’ve significantly cut paper use around the business (even though many would prefer us to have paper manuals etc!)

There are so many other initiatives - even down to the company canteen having meat-free Wednesdays- that there are too many to list.


Many thanks Clare, I sort of knew you would have plans, great to hear!

Every day is a meat free day here, and has been for 40 years. I wonder if Naim have a fully green energy supplier, if not it’s worth looking into. And of course, the elephant in the room is the recommendation to keep equipment switched on 24/7. It’s something I do but using fully green energy makes me feel less guilty. This is such a big challenge for us all.


I predict, that will morph into Chippy Wednesday. :grinning:

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Recycled paper perhaps ?

But clearly marked as recycled paper , so nobody thinks you are cheap skating .

I found a carbon footprint calculator at https://www.carbonindependent.org and I am currently at 7.9tonnes. Thankfully we also save 4tonnes from our solar panels.

My Naim gear uses at most 1.3KWh a day which is a little high. I can excuse the Olive stuff, but slightly disappointed that the NDX2 uses 0.4KWh an day when you plug in a USB drive. I now tend to put it in deep sleep before I go to bed.

Certainly eat less red meat and more chicken these days, but still have meat at least 5 times a week - must try harder!

I think we all need to make big changes, but it will be a challenge as you say. Hopefully with COP 26, more of us will be now focused, and start to take it all more seriously.

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Paper manuals have their uses…and not. Most user manuals these days are filled with pages of CYA cr@p. Four pages telling the user that the equipment is compliant with this, that and every other FCC/Offcom/etc regulation, another four telling the user not to be so stupid as to stick a fork in the mains socket, and half a page of “just plug it in and push the on switch” is frankly taking the p1$$.

But at least if there is a downloadable PDF, then I can put it on my iThing and sit in front of the unit while setting it up.
PS. don’t bother trying setting up an older Boothroyd Stuart DSP 5.1 system without four paper manuals laid out in front of you :laughing:

The absolute worst thing is the “video tutorial” how to do it, for example my beer making kit. Lovely videos - when watched on the PC in the study. But I’m wrestling with the d@mn kit in the bl**** kitchen, watching the tutorial on an iThing!
Makes good beer though!


Class D is the new class A.

I completely agree paper free manuals, but please don’t get fixed on those web movie thingies, a basic manual in .pdf to keep on file to read, or even print one page, is something that has real useful value.

Stuff like meal free days is useful in so many ways, it’s a subtle reminder to all the company & indirectly to their families of the global problem.
At home we always have at least one meat free day, OK it might be a veggie curry with leftover weekend roast gravy (mega yummie) or it might be 3 pure veggie/vegan days.
I’ve also moved to turning off NAS & NDX depending on the plans for the week ahead. why run it if you know it’s not gonna be used for a few days?
We/Naim need to look into low power standby, SMPS & all the stuff that might sit well with some, it a whole new world folks. Or maybe better to say it will be a whole new world if we don’t do something PDQ.


I’ve (kind of) done the maths and the repairability and longevity of my 300/552 “perhaps” make up for the 24/7 power requirement.

However if I ever move away from amplification it will be to a one with a lower energy requirement.


Oh Yes. I find them really annoying. Might not be so bad if you could navigate backwards, but you can only use back page, which takes you one step too far back. PDF please either in addition, or on its own.

OK, might be off topic, but if you add up all the Hot Air using the movie thingies cause, then we might save a bit :wink:

Naim keeps me at home listening to music instead of driving around in my car, emitting greenhouse gases and other pollutants.


SMPS used in Solstice electronics. More to come…


Certainly a good idea to have LPS disabled and SMPS enabled when in standby mode, but unfortunately on the NDX2 it seems that as soon as you plug in a USB device standby stays on LPS, and so standby usage goes from <2Watts to ~16 Watts. Currently the one way around that I think is to get a NAS, but then I need to power the NAS.

(I did raise this on Ticket Number is 123557, although no response as yet)

I must agree what really bugs me with paper manuels are the one that are printed in several different languages the amount f resources wasted must be colossal.

When I buy an item I always download the manuel in fact the majority of my Naim manuals remain unopened.

One thing I wish for with electronic manuals is to be able to click on a item in the contents section and be taken straight to that particular item instead of scrolling down through.

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I keep a folder on my computer for pdf manuals. Transferred as needed to an iPad Mini (e.g. 500 page Nikon camera manual for vacations. Word search makes it more useful than paper.)

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For standby or all the time?

Standby. The smart power supply can detect the turntable has stopped and go into a 0.5W power sleep mode for standby. A small switched-mode power supply (SMPSU) enables this standby function, which is automatically disengaged when the turntable is in use – when an oversized toroidal transformer takes over power duties.


The big one is the philosophy of multiple boxes and always on power supplies, those days are numbered I suspect plus the fact that younger generations will seek out more one box type solutions, we need a super Nova that sounds as good as separates, I’m sure it could be done but obviously not as profitable!