What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?

Two Blu-rays this weekend, both very different classics -

Some Like It Hot, still a very fun watch. Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant is worth the price of admission alone, but it’s all good.

Gene Hackman gives a superb performance in The Conversation, which feels prescient again, at least thematically. Point of interest is a very young Harrison Ford playing against type as the malevolent bad guy. And Cindy Williams, better known for comedy roles, playing one of the murderous plotters.


Cool Hand Luke…

‘Arrived today. In my top 5 favourite movies of all time. I like it so much, I ration it’s viewing’.

‘Top 5 favourite’ and ‘I ration it’s viewing’. With those comments I couldn’t resist placing an order.

My copy arrived today! I’d never sleep properly again if I hadn’t investigated for myself. Busy with other things but at least I know it’s now waiting to be viewed over the coming weeks.

Thank you.



Joe Bonamassa Tour de Force all four gigs on blue ray set. Amazing guitarist and his fellow session musicians. Also in the docos contained within it shows some of his beautiful guitar collection, especially his 1959 Les Paul that used to belong to Peter Green. Can’t believe this was 10 years ago I got these for my birthday. Joe continues to promote the blues and not be dictated to by record companies.

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Nice Altman double bill on Amazon Prime at the moment.


Dvd quality prints (could do better Amazon. You’ve sold enough hd tvs).

Usual Altman wayward styling and subversion of any original story but some superior actors. The back stories of the films making are often as entertaining as the movies themselves.


Excellent Finnish film telling the true WWII story of a stranded saboteur and how he escapes from Finland to Sweden. 9/10. Highly recommended,


The Long Goodbye is brilliant.

Great cast with the gorgeous Nina (from Nina & Frederick) and an early film appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the heavies.


Ex Machina popped up on my Netflix as a suggested film. Sci fi isn’t my go to normally but thought I’d give it a spin.
Basically it’s 3 people chatting, although not necessarily all at the same time. It trundles along and waited patiently for the action. The action came which made me sit up from my reclining position.
A thought provoking film, well shot and well acted.
Worth a watch in my opinion.


I really enjoyed the tv series Devs which Alex Garland did after this which has a subtle twist at the end which connects to this.

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Beneath the Planet of the Apes. 1970.

Second and the best in the first run of films.
Proper bonkers with an ending that should have been it!

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I remember , very clearly, too clearly these days - the attitudes at our RAF base

I saw it as well, totally agree with your comments

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Thanks for the recommendation. Last night I found it on BBC iPlayer and watched the 1st episode. So far I’ve enjoyed what I have seen. :ok_hand:t2:

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I’ve been working through my Daniel Craig Bond collection of bluray/4K UHD discs, one to go. It’s been right rollicking fun :sunglasses:

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Spoiler alert

It doesn’t end well…

best wishes




Currently a freebie on Amazon Prime.
Kevin Is addicted to mass murder whilst fronting a very successful business operation. His alter ego,William Hurt,assists him in technical matters. Fair dues Kevin does attend AA meetings and constantly mutters the addicts prayer. A mistake is made and off we go…….
It’s all quite preposterous but an entertaining two hours as we twist the tail of the story line.

The Lost King

Watched this film this evening with my wife and found it to be quite enjoyable. Always enjoy Sally Hawkins…

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Interesting premise of an ark type spacecraft adrift in space with no hope of rescue.

Classic cast Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow, Robert Mitchum and Peggy Ashcroft.

Superb acting less so the screenplay.

Shot in London around W2 area.

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In The Earth, streamed via Netflix: Good grief, I’ll Never go camping again. This is Inside No.9 meets The Wicker Man! As with most Ben Wheatley films the tension is tightly wound from the off and it just never lets up. Savage black humour throughout and a couple of gloriously over the top lines delivered with perfect timing by Reece Shearsmith, who is simply terrifying in this role.

This is a demented magic mushroom infused hypnotic camping trip to Hell. Carry On Camping it isn’t!

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Tom (looking more like Ronald Reagan as years go by) and Ems are after the other world thingies that are trying to take over OUR world.
A novel story line but which we have to repeat over and over again to establish how we are going to sort out and finish off these invaders.
Live,die,repeat. The films other title.
Good test for the subwoofer. Spotless Bluray print and widely cheered by the critics.
More enjoyable as Carole next door was out last night and we could let rip.