What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?

I remember catching that at the cinema back in Sheffield.

Totally agree Ian, especially the ending which you described very well as “subtle”. I think that a frequent critique of this movie was that the ending is not very good. But, having watched the Ninth Gate several times, the “what happens next?” question is actually answered by everything that comes beforehand. Happy to expand on this if anyone is interested.


Please do,I would be very interested. Your reasonings will be welcomed thankyou.

Happy to do so Toby. This is just my interpretation and there are probably many others!

spoilers ahead*******

For most of the film we are led into assuming that this is the standard “raise the devil” storyline. i.e. a satanist collects artifacts and then uses them to perform a ritual in the belief that the devil will give him/her great powers as a reward. As Balkan finds out, this approach doesn’t work very well :grinning:. Corso then finds the original “missing” page and he now has possession of complete set of original pages. I assumed that the last frames of the movie show him entering some sort of church to perform the ritual which we never see.

However the original pages are not artifacts to be used in a ritual. They are representations of a path to be followed by a fallen angel returning to heaven corresponding to each of the sequence of events experienced by Corso throughout the movie. The initials on all the original pages are LCF which would correspond (maybe) to Lucifer; an angel cast out of heaven because he wanted to take power over all of heaven. In other words, Corso is Lucifer returning from being cast out.

That’s my take after several times through. Would love to hear other peoples’ ideas.

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Hmmm Interesting :face_with_monocle:
My take is similar to yours although Corso is the agent caught between Balkans intentions and The Girl.
The Girl is the fallen angel here. Following the path and having her way with both Balkan and Corso.
Although my doubts are whether the Girl/whore/lucifer is fulfilling the prophecy. My guess is more playing them all for fools. Corso walking towards a fantasy dream to realise just as Balkan did. :innocent:

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Wicked Little Letters. Amusing comedy but the language is a tad fruity at times.


Went to the cinema in 1968 when it was first released.

A film that did and still does have an impact on your mind.

Not the same visually on a TV……unless you have a very very big TV !!!


The Human Factor

From 1979 Richard Attenborough, Derek Jacobi, John Gielgud, Nicol Williamson, the second Mrs Bowie and Fiona Fullerton.

From a novel by Graham Greene, Screenplay by Tom Stoppard and directed by Otto Preminger.


Well I would if I could. Interest piqued I went in search of a bluray but apart from a couple of expensive USA region A it seems you have the only copy in existence. It’s on my list but….

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You know you see a film on DVD and think that looks interesting - if you don’t grab it then the chances of finding it again are very remote - seems a lot of film converted to DVD and blu-ray are limited runs.

I see there are copies of the DVD advertised on Amazon and ebay for circa £15 - not sure what region.

It is one of the films I enjoy re-watching

The Hound of the Baskervilles. 1978.

An all star cast popular at the time.
Streamed from YouTube that has a couple of fairly decent quality uploads.

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Interesting to see how the script writers converted the Willeford from novel to hour and a half film.
Alec Baldwin from happier times. A blue eyed and well built menace in his first starring role. J J Leigh plays the student trying to ‘earn’ an extra dollar for her burger purchase fund. I would have gladly contributed… enough.
Resurrection of the film by Radiance and purchased in their sale.

Me too, happened to be strolling through London one Saturday with a friend who insisted that we see it, he already had. I was not keen, but wow, in Cinerama , which by that time was single strip 70mm, I swear I dreamt in colour for the next week! Even bought the programme, yes big films had programmes on sale in 1968. The new……ish 4K Blu-ray is very good.

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It’s just so bloody silly but close on unbeatable for the puns.

“Night draws on you know…”
“Oh, how sensible of you to bring a pair.”



Part of the trio that made Hackman into a worthy actor.

Apart from the collection of quite frightening women involved the plot is so twisted it needs a book to explain it.

I thought I had it mastered but apparently I was wrong. Book ordered.

£3.49 on Prime if you feel up to either women or plot. I blurayed ‘cause I like all the extras.


I have an HMV special edition remastered Night Moves - one of my favourite films.


The dark knight is still dark. Have always been suspicious of Bill Gates, due to his rugged good looks, but i never had him down as The Riddler.

Pulpcurry.com has some interesting reflections but no answers.

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From 1973