What DVD, Blu-ray or streamed film have you just watched?

Watched this last week, what an eye opener. I’m going to find it hard to justify watching any of WC this month.

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Sadly, for most football fans some inconvenient truths that might have them tut tutting then continue to look the other way

We’ve been tut tutting our way through things for years, we really are a selfish lot aren’t we.


Some of us are in positions to be able to make a stand more than others. Like hypocritical football pundits claiming to stand up for human rights, gay rights etc whilst trousering Quatari dollars.
I think your average footie fan couldnt give a monkeys as long as they can get pissed and watch their favourite bunch of greedy overpaid under talented neanderthals chase a bit of leather around a grass rectangle.
And yes, some of us do sit back selfishly and inactively tut tut about a raft of horrors and injustices down the path of history, but that doesnt mean we should ignore them and especially ones that are taking place in the here and now.

Just my rant for the day :wink::joy:

Back to the music and films

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I’ll watch Kickback as it is on Prime.

Unfortunately I can’t vote with my feet as I did that long since.

Nah. Great film but way prefer High Society :wink:. All the characters are perfect - and the music :notes:

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My wife agrees with you!

I DO listen to the soundtrack regularly.

Watched Mission Impossible 2 last night - the 4K UHD disk. I really enjoyed the movie and the images, stunts and sound track were great. I had to turn the volume down at 10pm though after waking up Mrs Mike during the big motorbike scene and rumbling the floor boards. Great scenery from Sydney too.

Thanks to @dave-marshall

Julian Temples brilliant, funny and moving film

RIP Wilko


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I watched “Lamborghini, the man behind the legend” last week. It is a well done biopic, especially if you’re into cars.

Two very good indie films free of charge on Prime.
Tom Hardy rarely lets you down.
Just him in his car driving to London and many phone calls (try and guess the names of those actors he speaks to.)His life changes throughout the journey.
Sounds slow and boring? Look at those reviews.

Don’t get it mixed up with a Canadian horror story with the same title.
It all happens in the toll both on the cheapest toll in Pembrokeshire from which Smiley runs the local crime syndicate.
Countryfile meets Tarantino.
Bit of a home for Game of Thrones actors.
Both have YouTube trailers.

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A powerful story matched by powerful performances.
I find myself drawn back to this one time and time again.


I have always wanted a set and this was an incredibly rash purchase from Magpie.
£4.36 delivered.


They made your day.


Found ‘The Toll’ to be laugh out loud in many places, Tarantino meets countryfile indeed, thankyou for the suggestion.

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I’ve just ordered it on BBluRay ,